Ramadhan 2017 – Day 23

Its been a very busy week …. I’m bushed and my body is totally whacked!!!

It is this period of time I wish our culture is so different than the ones I know presently …. I wished Eid is spent only for a day or two without us going thru the hassle of preparing so much for it. I’d rather hibernate in the last week of Ramadhan than having have to do so many chores and yet trying to maintain benefiting from the last days of Ramadhan.

It is now day 23 …. less than a week more to go and then it will be so long … till next time if Allah s.w.t. wills it.

My poor hubby is having a trial starting from the past week till now…. he has been on MC on and off due to swollen toes and swollen feet. His pain threshold was usually high but this time he could not stand it and initiated the idea to see the doctor. Usually it was me who will nagged him to go see the doctor whenever he was sick but this time he sounds out before I could do so.

In fact, tonight after breaking fast, he has asked me to bring him to the hospital. So we decided to go to NTF hospital in Jurong. What time we will be going will depend on when he comes back from work. His management has been kind to allow him to wear slippers to work since he is not able to wear safety boots nor any kind of shoes right now.

Hubby is worried about being on MC for many days … he is afraid he will be earning less because of the MCs. I told him not to worry about that, whatever happens we will just have to cope and insya;Allah we will.  Most important is for him to find a cure and we hope seeing the doctor in the hospital will be able to help, insya’Allah.  Before this, he had already been to the polyclinic a few times and a blood test had already been done to test whether he had diabetes. Alhamdulillah, no diabetes, so now rather than keep going to the polyclinic, it’s to the hospital instead.

I just hope the A&E dept. won’t be crowded and we could come home as soon as possible. More importantly I hope there’s a cure for his illness.

May Allah s.w.t. give ease to us in these remaining days within the blessed month. Aamiin ….



Ramadhan 2017 – Day 10 cum Family Iftar

Alhamdulillah today mark the 10th day of fasting.

Yesterday our family held an iftar session at my abode. Not everyone was able to come. Nevertheless, it was still fun gathering and breaking our fast together.

Snaps of the iftar … (photo taken by my niece Suria)

Our main menu was Gado-Gado, provided by yours truly. The rest of the foods such as otah-otah, takoyaki, Nasi jagung dan lauk pauknya, donut, home-made ice-cream were brought by my sister, nieces and nephews.  My girls had fun making the takoyaki real-time with her cousins 🙂

Home made takoyaki … my niece, Aishah brought along the electric maker over to the house and made them on the spot, together with her two assistance (my eldest and Nisa)

This year, Alhamdulillah, even though not all were able to come, we still had our 3 generations of the Mahmood family together and of course, the kids, our 3rd generation of the Mahmood clan were the stars of the day 🙂

During our meet-up, we also took the opportunity to discuss the plan for our family Raya outing. Another annual event that usually happens during the 2nd day of Eid or 1st weekend of Eid.

This year marked the 4th year we plan our outing together by renting a mini bus (which include the driver). Also, this will be the 2nd year in a row, our eldest sister and BIL will be joining us. Insya’Allah, they will be coming down from Brunei on the eve of Eid itself.

Looking forward to Eid and yet at the same time I’m reluctant for Ramadhan to leave. I am grateful for being able to live and experience this year’s Ramadhan. Before the arrival of the blessed month, I was not confident of being able to do what I should be doing but Allah s.w.t., being the Most Merciful has continue to surprise and shower me with His mercy and blessings. I am humbled by my experience and the opportunity given to me. It is more that I had hope for. Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb!

Hoping the coming days will be fruitful for us all as well and continue onwards even beyond Ramadhan!

Before I end this post, I’m just going to share a quote from one of the Sahabah, Abdullah Bin Mas’ud r.a., which I am typing it down in Malay.  This quote, is more of a reminder to myself which I hope I will be able to hold tight insya’Allah!

“Taat, jangan maksiat. Ingat Allah, jangan lupa. Syukur, jangan kufur.”

These words contain the important message on how to live life.  Obey God, Do not commit sins, Remember God always, Be a grateful person.


Ramadhan 2017 – Day 3

Alhamdulillah it is now Ramadhan and today marked the 3rd day of fasting.

May all of us strive to do the best we can to seek His blessings and make this year the best Ramadhan ever.

To begin with, as posted by many via IG and FB, and as I read them and reflected on the words shared by these wonderful people, I concurred that we all should begin our Ramadhan with a heart that seeks forgiveness from one another and a hope that we will receive forgiveness from others and forgiveness from the Almighty as well.

So I would like to take this opportunity to say,  Dear Readers, I seek your forgiveness should I had offended you in one way or another while writing on this blog of mine. I also seek forgiveness from all who knows me personally. Please forgive me for any actions and words uttered that may have offended you. As humans, we are never far from making mistakes and thus, forgiving one another is something that we should make a habit. May the Almighty increase our iman, increase our sabr and bestow His mercy and blessings to all mankind, for He is the Most Benevolent, Compassionate and Forgiving.  Aamiin aamiin aamiin Ya Rabb!

Ramadhan is a month that we all need. For it opens the opportunity to start fresh and it provides the opportunity for us to focus and increase our spirituality growth. It is also during this month, that many families will organise iftar (breaking the fast) together. The act of breaking the fasting together, encourages the act of bonding among family members. It is not just about eating together but more importantly it is about the opportunity to interact and perform prayers together.

This is something I always look forward to. With our parents no longer with us, it is imperative that our siblings remain in contact and bond whenever we can. This is also the time when 3 generations within the family get together and everyone gets the opportunity to keep in touch with one another. Family bonding is an effort. If nobody bothers to keep it up, then it is a lost cause to us all. Last year, we had the iftar gathering at my 3rd sister’s abode. This year, our family volunteer to become the host 🙂

I am looking forward to the event and I hope you too will have a great time bonding with your families and have a wonderful and fruitful time in this blessed month.


Iftar 2016

The sayings that a picture is worth a thousand words….

Here are the photos we took during yesterday’s iftar.

Summary: We finally forgo our initial plan to break our fast outside … Instead we had it at my 3rd sister’s abode, where the small kids were more comfortable and we did solat jemaah together. After the terawih, we then celebrated Father’s day as surprised by my nieces.

Nasi ambeng by Ambeng Cafe …. there’s a story behind this … hahaha… 5 trays of these yummylicious foods to accommodate our family 😉

Pavlova …. truly delicious!

Peek-a-boo!! …. The ‘maknae’ of the family 🙂


wif his best bro 🙂

Hubby had fun playing wefie …. hahaha

The guys in the family … missing 3 though!

and the ladies of the family …. minus 2


A family is truly precious …. 🙂


Nostalgia Ramadhan 3

A long long time ago, during the 1970’s and 1980’s, it was a practice to send Hari Raya cards to friends and family members. I used to receive at least 5 cards each year and will saved money from my school pocket money so that I could purchased cards and send to others as well. Best part of it was that even my very close neighbour would send Hari Raya cards to me via the post hehee… and we were just next door 😉

I still remember how I would recycled the cards to be used as decor pieces around the house 🙂

But now, ever since technology has become advance …. the hard copy cards has been replaced with e-cards …. and even though e-cards are beautiful, interactive and even save the environment, somehow it lack a certain personality.

I believe it’s the process of saving money, of going round to different stalls to look at the variety of cards available and finally choosing those we wanted. It’s the effort and pleasure derived from thinking of what to write and sending to those whom we held close to our bosom. I believe that’s what makes it special at that time.

This year, I am tempted to start sending these Raya cards to a few of my friends, especially those that I hardly see around anymore but it’s not easy finding Raya cards these days … the other alternative would be to make a DIY ones.

hmmm … time constraint on my part right now but perhaps I could do so next year, insya’Allah.

Right a new project to start next year hahaha… loving just thinking of it 🙂


PS: Another colleague leaving soon … it’s sad to say farewell and so I shall not! It will be au revoir instead. All the best on your new journey Shao Mun!

Nostalgia Ramadhan 2

When I was wayyyy younger …. the test from fasting was hunger and feeling sleepy. But I was fortunate that while my mother was alive, she did all the cooking and serving for us … she woked us up for sahur and its all ready on the floor (we used to sit on the kitchen floor to eat as a family then). I hardly do anything to help and my mother had never asked us to and we definitely took her for granted.

After marriage and being a mother myself …. it was my turn to do the tasks above and it was then that I began to appreciate my mother’s effort and realised how much she had sacrificed for us all. No word of complaint were ever uttered by her.

For many years now, my biggest test during the fasting month was the lack of sleep. Alhamdulillah, hunger and thirst were not an issue with me. BUT the lack of sleep was and still is my biggest trial and test.

As a working wife/mother …. waking up at 4 am daily and no naps in between really sap me out. After serving my family their sahur, I will be doing cooking for the family’s iftar …. preparation for the cooking was usually done during the night (eg. blending spices, getting fish/poultry ready beforehand). So I’m kept busy till its time to get ready for work.

After work, its rush time to reach home to heat up the foods and serve them for the iftar. Luckily my kids do help out whenever they were able to …. in matters such as cooking the rice and making the hot drinks. Still ultimately the bigger bulk of the tasks falls on me.

So far so good …. till today, I have managed to get ready home-cooked foods for iftar and sahur but I can predict that sooner or later this task will reduce in numbers and I will succumb to buying foods instead …. why? cos my energy level is getting lower and lower. Truly marvel at how those who had no food to eat daily throughout the year survive. Subhanallah!

For me, ever since I gave birth to my youngest daughter which was 14 years ago, I have been eating only once a day during the fasting month. I skipped eating during sahur (will just have a glass of water). All thanks to the fact that I will vomit if I brush my teeth right after eating. Till today I could not get rid of this habit 😦

At times, how I wish I have lots and lots of days in annual leave …. I could then took many days off so that I could afford to have time to have naps during the day …. well that’s just wishful thinking hehehe…

Still, I have many to thank the Almightly for …. just the fact that I am given health and ability to perform the tasks (may not be perfect and my kids may not be eating home-cooked foods all the time), are things to be thankful for indeed!

So aja aja fighting!!!! …. it’s the ninth day of fasting already …. May Allah continue to make ease for each and everyone of us and bestow His blessings on all of His creations! Aamiin…


Nostalgia Ramadhan

During my childhood days and early teens, during Ramadhan, it was a practice of my late mum to always cook extra foods. She will then asked either my 3rd sister or myself to become her courier.

Our block of flats had about more than 10 neighbours per storey. My mum would only give to the nearest neighbours which were the few on the left and right to our home. Regardless whether the neighbours were muslim or non-muslim, we would gave them at least a bowl of whatever dish my mum cooked.

In return, the muslim neighbours would also gave us whatever extra dish they cooked and so almost every night, before the breaking time for our fasting, we would have almost a full table … full of variety of foods. Sharing as a sign for caring and it brought lots of joy to us (kids) during our childhood. To us, having such a full table were the best reward for completing our fast each day. Of course, we could not finished eating everything and my mum would always saved the balance for sahur.

Nowadays, such scenario is lacking due to the fact that we hardly see and know our neighbours. Most families are now dual-income and so neighbours hardly have time to see one another and chat to build relationships.

I missed those times. I could always depend on my neighbours for any assistance and vice versa.

Such a pity my kids are not able to experience such moments.