Evolvement of life

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope today begins as a start of all good things to happen within this whole week. Insya’Allah!

The rest of my kids are starting their new term today. I hope the traffic will be smooth despite the begin of new term for the ITE students. Hope the red and green MRT line do not have any further hiccups throughout the day and the week.

Today’s topic on my mind is actually on the evolvement of life … how everyone of us goes through life either by facing hardships or a life of ease at the beginning and then it gets better or we fall from grace and how like a cycle, again we go through up and down at different interval of our lives …. how at times we start with being a badass and yet midway we evolve to be a better person.

So really change is a cycle and very constant …. always happening, sometimes slowly and at times rapidly … and the how and when we go through this cycle is the only unpredictable factor.

Whatever it is …. whether its negative or positive …. we can’t avoid change. All we can do is try our best to evolve our internal self to accept and adapt to the changes. At any time, most important is not to let go of the tie between us and the Almighty. The link between us and God is something that acts as an anchor, stabilising us when going through life’s negative cycle. Do not let go even if our link seems to be the weakest …. just hang on to it and pray and be positive. For in every hardships there will be ease. Be patience for the silver lining will be there.

A quote from Mufti Menk: “Calamity has its blessings. Embrace it. The Almighty knows. He has seen how it can transform a harsh person into one with the kindest heart.

And when we are facing the positive changes …. always be thankful and do our best to keep the blessings hidden. Why?

Another quote from Mufti Menk:Don’t underestimate the evil-eye. It’s real. As far as possible, keep your blessings hidden. Be humble. Make the Almighty your focus.

Jealousy is real …. the people whom we think likes us and trusts us are the ones most likely to back-stab us. I’ve seen it and I’ve gone through it. People whom I thought are like my own sisters, smiling one moment in front of me and yet behind me spread falsehood about me. The most disappointing are those who in the face of negative situation do not even defend you when they know they could have done so and help ease the situation.

Office politics is also another thing that are always happenings …. and these are mostly negative as well.

So be humble and protect the heart from hurt by keeping a certain distance from other people. Continue to be kind and friendly but be aware of life’s treacherous ways and learn to protect yourself. For these reasons, I am now more comfortable being in my own company and do not seek other people companion unnecessarily. The less we interact, the less we are open to mistakes and negative situations.

As a reminder, I too need to protect myself from feeling jealous towards other people, must always be thankful for what I am and what I have.

Happenings in life will make us evolve ….. what we should watch out for and hope for is that the evolvements are positive ones. Do not be afraid of changes …. accept and adapt. Insya’Allah we will come out better and wiser.



Act of giving – A different take!

A sister in FB posted this :

‘When a person comes to us for help , it is simply because Allah knows we are actually the ones in dire need of the goodness that the deed holds.’ (unknown)

Love this quote for it gives a different perspective to the act of giving. Instead of always believing that when someone needs our help and how thankful we are to be able to help him/her and feeling pleased by our act of giving, we now come across a different and more humble scenario. That it is us (the giver) who should be thankful that he/she comes to us for help. That it is us who needs that act of giving more than the one who receive for the act of giving (the rewards) are what we need to fill what lacks in us. They coming to us is an opportunity given to us and we should be grateful for that opportunity. So give sincerely and regularly whenever we could. Do not wonder what becomes of our gift to the ones in need. Never wonder whether the ones who ask are real in terms of their needs and never expect any returns except for hoping that the Almighty is pleased with our act.

This quote really opens a new scenario of mindset and if we reflect deeply can help with burning up our ego, our pride and sins. Another point I need to remind myself again and again…..once given, keep quiet about it and never ever regret it.

There’s another 2 quotes about giving that I like and try to remember as often as I could.

“Give. Even when you know you can get nothing back.” (Yasmin Mogahed)

Yup. Give but never expect that we will get help from the same people we once give. Give without expecting any returns. Need not worry about the time when it’s our turn to seek out help. Allah s.w.t will send help via other ways and means (even via different people) … beyond our expectations sometimes. From my personal experience, this is so true!


“Give without remembering. Take without forgetting.” (Elizabeth E.)

It is always best to forget whatever good deeds we have done cos that will prevent arrogance in us and if we are the ones receiving, never forget to be thankful …. all these are keys to keep the diseases of the heart away from us. Insya’Allah!

One of the blessing of Ramadhan is that during this month, many people are usually more generous in giving for they knows the rewards given during this month are manifold. Alhamdulillah and hopefully the act many do during this month will spill over to the rest of the other months. Being consistent of what we do is also important. It’s okay to do little kindness but it goes a long way if we can make it as an act that is consistent throughout the years and always check our intentions.

As Mufti Ismail Menk said, “Do good deeds at the slightest opportunity in Ramadhan. The rewards are manifold. But beware the pride that comes with it. Keep it sincere.”

Ultimately I think the act of giving is about being sincere, generous, kind and training the heart to be humble. I know I have a long way to go 😦



These are quotes I read via the twitter. A good read and tools for reflections especially when one is facing with the trials and tribulations of life.

To the one who shared these, jazakallahu khairan.

“Allah warns us that this life is a test and hardships is never far away. But also He gives us the exact recipe to overcome it: sabr plus taqwa.”

“Hardships divide between those who are truthful from those who are false. Because when we are tested is when our true character shows.”

“Hardship is a wake up call. It shakes us and remind us of who is in control.”

“Hardships is a lesson in humility. It is a purification that brings people back to their Lord.”

So if we are to sit and reflect, hardships that happen is where we learn more in depth about life and the key to rediscover our ties with the Creator. It’s a lesson that we have to learn to remember so that in future,  we learn to  apply the lesson.

When doors are closed, remember there will always be a silver lining awaiting somewhere. Hope and strive.