Ramadhan 2017 – Day 23

Its been a very busy week …. I’m bushed and my body is totally whacked!!!

It is this period of time I wish our culture is so different than the ones I know presently …. I wished Eid is spent only for a day or two without us going thru the hassle of preparing so much for it. I’d rather hibernate in the last week of Ramadhan than having have to do so many chores and yet trying to maintain benefiting from the last days of Ramadhan.

It is now day 23 …. less than a week more to go and then it will be so long … till next time if Allah s.w.t. wills it.

My poor hubby is having a trial starting from the past week till now…. he has been on MC on and off due to swollen toes and swollen feet. His pain threshold was usually high but this time he could not stand it and initiated the idea to see the doctor. Usually it was me who will nagged him to go see the doctor whenever he was sick but this time he sounds out before I could do so.

In fact, tonight after breaking fast, he has asked me to bring him to the hospital. So we decided to go to NTF hospital in Jurong. What time we will be going will depend on when he comes back from work. His management has been kind to allow him to wear slippers to work since he is not able to wear safety boots nor any kind of shoes right now.

Hubby is worried about being on MC for many days … he is afraid he will be earning less because of the MCs. I told him not to worry about that, whatever happens we will just have to cope and insya;Allah we will.  Most important is for him to find a cure and we hope seeing the doctor in the hospital will be able to help, insya’Allah.  Before this, he had already been to the polyclinic a few times and a blood test had already been done to test whether he had diabetes. Alhamdulillah, no diabetes, so now rather than keep going to the polyclinic, it’s to the hospital instead.

I just hope the A&E dept. won’t be crowded and we could come home as soon as possible. More importantly I hope there’s a cure for his illness.

May Allah s.w.t. give ease to us in these remaining days within the blessed month. Aamiin ….


Ramadhan 2017 – Day 3

Alhamdulillah it is now Ramadhan and today marked the 3rd day of fasting.

May all of us strive to do the best we can to seek His blessings and make this year the best Ramadhan ever.

To begin with, as posted by many via IG and FB, and as I read them and reflected on the words shared by these wonderful people, I concurred that we all should begin our Ramadhan with a heart that seeks forgiveness from one another and a hope that we will receive forgiveness from others and forgiveness from the Almighty as well.

So I would like to take this opportunity to say,  Dear Readers, I seek your forgiveness should I had offended you in one way or another while writing on this blog of mine. I also seek forgiveness from all who knows me personally. Please forgive me for any actions and words uttered that may have offended you. As humans, we are never far from making mistakes and thus, forgiving one another is something that we should make a habit. May the Almighty increase our iman, increase our sabr and bestow His mercy and blessings to all mankind, for He is the Most Benevolent, Compassionate and Forgiving.  Aamiin aamiin aamiin Ya Rabb!

Ramadhan is a month that we all need. For it opens the opportunity to start fresh and it provides the opportunity for us to focus and increase our spirituality growth. It is also during this month, that many families will organise iftar (breaking the fast) together. The act of breaking the fasting together, encourages the act of bonding among family members. It is not just about eating together but more importantly it is about the opportunity to interact and perform prayers together.

This is something I always look forward to. With our parents no longer with us, it is imperative that our siblings remain in contact and bond whenever we can. This is also the time when 3 generations within the family get together and everyone gets the opportunity to keep in touch with one another. Family bonding is an effort. If nobody bothers to keep it up, then it is a lost cause to us all. Last year, we had the iftar gathering at my 3rd sister’s abode. This year, our family volunteer to become the host 🙂

I am looking forward to the event and I hope you too will have a great time bonding with your families and have a wonderful and fruitful time in this blessed month.


Fairprice Walk 2017

Yesterday morning, we went out of the house at 6.45 am to go to Marina Barrage. Our aim? To join with the rest of the crowds….. walking to keep fit and giving support for community causes.

View of the barrage at 8 am

Yesterday….. we celebrated the Fairprice Walk 2017!

Upon reaching the Barrage, the walk had just started and so without delay, we continued walking towards the bridge ….. towards the walking crowd…… all the way to the Sports Hub, the final end point.

Our starting point

As we walked, we enjoyed the beauty of the surrounding area.

View of the city from where we walk

Before reaching the 2 km marked, we even saw an otter near the bank. So cute! 😊

Our special guest appearance … Mr Otter!

Along the way, mineral water, breads, 100 Plus, bananas, milo and many more were given out free to us. Not only that but there were cultural performances as well 👍

Milo … Milo … Milo!

I love seeing the sights as we walked. All in all we covered 4 km …. and by the time we reached home it was past 11 am. As my eldest daughter said, “Not bad for a morning activity.” 😊

Yeah!!! Finish line …. we are done!

It rained for awhile … as we walked onto the bridge to the stadium

The joy of walking and exercising together 🙂

Insya’Allah we shall participate and look forward to next year’s event.

Thank You to all the organisers and volunteers 😊

20 wishes

Recently, I read a book about a middle aged woman, a widow and childless. The woman was lonely and still grieving since the husband had died less than a year ago. She joined a widow’s club and during one of their meet up sessions, they each agreed to come up with a 20 wishes list of things to do.

After reading this book, the 20 wishes list makes me think of my own list of things to do … things that I wish I could do. Should I really list these down and make it a goal to achieve? Should I?

Perhaps I can start small … maybe just listing 5 things to do instead of 20.

Yah! Maybe that will works for me 🙂

So ok maybe I should start listing my 5 wish list to do now.

Ok what do I want to do … really really wish I could do? hmm here goes…

1. To buy a new oven
2. To relearn cross-stitch
3. To travel to 3 new countries/states that I have never been within the next 5 years
4. To do more volunteering works
5. To join a baking class

Ok done … let’s see how many I could achieve by end of this year and I will visit this list again and checked them out.

Thank you 20 wishes for making me think and start out this list 😉


Last night, my oven which has been with me …. my precious “baking partner” for almost 10 years finally said ‘goodbye” to me forever huhu 😦

The oven has been very good to me and precious as well cos it was a birthday gift from a good friend of mine. I was sad to see it dying so suddenly on me while I was trying to bake my savoury muffins. Shocked and sad!!!!

Goodbye my fren …. with you gone, it hiatus time for any baking projects now …. I will have to wait for quite sometime before I am able to purchase a new oven to replace you 😦


March 2017

Today … I just realise how I have not been visiting my blogs for quite sometime.

So while waiting to get ready to go to work I thought perhaps I can just do a quick updates.

March and April gonna be another busy time for me. Few things to accomplish at work and home. I love being busy and though I can’t deny the stress that always follows with the situation, I still love it! 🙂

The brooch project 2017 is almost done. Left only 20 pieces more and then it COMPLETE!!!!! Yeay!!! 🙂

My maknae is off for a three days camp trip today. As a student leader, she and her committee members has been busy planning, recceing and executing the schedules for the camp. I hope everything goes well and the students thoroughly enjoy themselves 🙂

Yesterday, I spent almost 20 mins looking through photos in the albums. It is actually my habit to do this every now and then. Love looking through the old photos, especially the photos of the kids when they were young. I still miss my little nephew Hadi and my parents. May their souls rest in peace. Aaamiin.

My eldest has just finished with her exam, so now she’s on holiday till April. She has already plan her holiday schedule 😉

As for my middle child, she’s now busy doing her school project. Looks like everyone has a task to do and accomplish this month.

As for me, I am putting on weight again huhu …. no change in size for clothing though but I simply just hate to see the increase in my weight.  My colleague said it could be due to my muscle and I was like uh huh! hahahaha…. It’s really a struggle to maintain or even lose further since I just love eating hahahaa…. I still do my exercise but I’m guilty to say that for many months now the exercise has not been so regular.  I really think having an exercise buddy would helps a lot but it’s rather difficult to find one.  Excuses excuses right? The fact is the lack of discipline in myself hehehe 😉

My house is now very messy …. really messy and so I thought since there’s a term break from school this month, I will try to mobilise my kids to help do an early spring cleaning. I hope by doing so by the time Ramadhan comes, the house will be ready to welcome the bless month. It’s less than 90 days more to go.

This year the Eid celebration will be as last year. Minimal preparation and visitation.  I am not into all these anymore, rather spend more time in my own company I suppose.  I find more comfortable in doing so and I do not go out of my way to socialise any more. The number of chats in whatsapp have also reduced until in a day I need only check once or twice …. sometimes more but even then it’s more to chat with my girls.  I’m finding peace in doing so …. the less you know about others, the more at peace you feel.

Even with my own sisters, I do not seek interaction unless it’s necessary.  Most time, they are the ones who made contact with me first, especially my eldest sister in Brunei. She will call personally via my home phone or use the call in watsapp.  Sometimes, she will even have video call with me 🙂

I have this scenario in my mind that when or if I reach the golden age of 70 or more, I will become a recluse hahaha… I suppose I am ok with it, as long as I have my books and laptop with me 😉

There are also a few changes I want to do in my life, but these will have to depend on various factors … hmm will have to see if what I have in mind is also decreed by the Almighty. Insya’Allah …





Sometimes I can’t believe my girls are now moving on to the young adult stage instead of being teenagers.

There are times, I will just sit and observe them …. see the physical changes as well as the emotional changes in them.

This January, my second girl turns sweet 17. Since it falls near the CNY period, we had a family get together and celebrated her birthday on the same day.

Our feast! Yumss….

Our loveable maknae enjoying the birthday cake … so cute hehee…

This morning, I accompanied my eldest girl to her medical appointment and  after the appointment, my eldest girl gave me a treat at SG….. ooh! my favourite eatery place 😊

Thank you so much NH!

BBQ time!

Now, right this minute in fact, as I am typing, my eldest girl is in her room, practising her presentation script. Tomorrow is the D-day and so she is practising hard since the POM is a difficult subject to score.

May the Almighty bestow success on the team’s effort. Aamiin….

Looking at her …. I was brought back to the past …. its like right in front of my eyes, like a movie, I could see her as a little girl with chubby cheeks and curly hair and see the years passes by till my vision of her now 🙂

I can tell you that my heart just skipped a beat just now and I knew I had to write this down … which is why I am typing away at this blog.

How my girls have grown!

As for my youngest, she is now lying down on her tummy near me …. studying for her science test. I marvel at the youngsters these days …. studying while listening to music uh huh! …. I can’t see myself doing that cos when I study I need a place that is quiet 😉

The second girl is in her room doing her own stufff as well.

Moments like these …. being able to be with them are so precious to me. These are the moments that warm the heart 🙂