Raya drama

Ok this post is me letting out steam!!!

Hari raya is almost 2 weeks old and there are few dramas going on year by year ….. one drama in particular which I have to say I am sick of hearing it again and again is this:

Raya drama Kecil Hati:
The story of people who “kecil hati” cos we did not go to their house. As I have explained again and again … the existing culture do not works for me anymore. I do not have the energy to go house hopping one by one. No energy and no time ….. so once I’ve met the people to me that’s it! Objection met …. we meet and we interact. Good enough! This is my choice and my action and so yes I am responsible for them.

So please do not be a hypocrite and say “Oh ok I understand” and yet behind me you started to grouch and be “kecil hati”. You choose to come to my house and so that’s your choice and you are responsible for that choice. For me any visitors are welcome to my house and so that’s my choice.

So if you’re going to act this way, next year please remind yourself that you are under no obligation to come to my house …. do not worry that I will be “kecil hati” ….. Insya’Allah that will not happen as it has been my choice to change the way I celebrate my raya.



The visitors

Yesterday marked the official closure of Eid celebration for us all. We received our last guests in the evening.

I was greatly entertained by our young guests … pre-teens and teens alike. The friends of my girls were very entertaining …. they literally made me laughed 🙂

The best was during the photo taking sessions …. I’ve seen all kinds of posed and they tickle me pink! hahahaa….

The “power ranger” pose! 🙂

The “Hi-5” pose! 🙂

The “Lepaks” pose! 🙂

The “cool” pose! 🙂

There were also moments in which I have to say that I felt proud of these youngsters. Even in the midst of Eid visits … quite a number of them did not forget to fulfill their prayers obligation.

One 14 year old boy, the classmate of my youngest girl, performed congregational prayer in our home. Not only was he the Imam but he recited the surahs beautifully …. and the surahs he chose were long ones. I was truly bowled and captivated upon hearing them. Masya’Allah! May Allah continue to bless and guide these young teens.

On the whole, this year Eid celebration has been good. Good weather, good times and good vibes. Alhamdulillah!

Next, looking forward to attending the NDP preview …. a first for me in stepping into the new National Stadium 😉


Jalan-jalan raya

Last weekend our family spent the whole of Saturday visiting our relatives and on Sunday, it was our turn to be the host.

Saturday, the start of the day did not go so well as the bus operator did not provide us with a bigger bas as we had requested. But once the logistic matters were settled, we were able to go ahead with our plans though we had to miss a few houses. All in all it did go rather well.

@ our Mak Ngah and cousin Jai’s abode

We managed to visit all of our aunts  … the few that are still around. It was sooo good to see them again. Good and yet at the same time I feel sad looking at how much they have aged, but visiting them brought the feelings of being close to my late parents and that I was so grateful to feel that. In fact, one of my aunt even mentioned to me that a few days before the Eid, she had a dream of my late parents ….. (hanya Tuhan saja yang tahu perasaan ku bila mendengar) … I missed them so! 😦

Sunday, I was up and about very early preparing the house and preparing foods for the guests that were coming.

The first guests came after 1 pm and from then onwards it was like a pattern … a cycle whereby one family came in and the moment they left, another appeared … and so it repeated itself non-stop till night. Our last guests left our house after 10 pm 🙂

A portion of our guests …

Among the guests that came visiting, the visit from my husband’s niece and nephew together with their spouse and children made my girls day … they proclaimed that these cousins “are the best!” …. My girls thoroughly enjoyed chit chatting with their second cousins Firdaus and Yati. Their children were cute and lovely 🙂

I was happy too that they came visiting as we had not seen them for many years.  We used to at least met while visiting “Mak Chom” but over the years we seemed to have missed each other (cos the timing differed).

Glad that we were able to keep in touch finally and I hope this won’t be their first and last visit to us … I told them frankly that I do not visit to many places during the Eid and so hope they won’t be offended should I do not pay back their visitation. I also told them that they are always welcome to come by … in fact I am most happy to receive visitors than to be a visitor hehehe… was glad to receive their understanding and positive response 😉

Now, its back to work and almost routine days.

For me, the celebration of Eid is over! 🙂



Of visitation

The idea to change how my family celebrate hari raya was mooted in the early 2000 if I’m not mistaken. At that time, I was very active in multiply.com and it was there that I first voiced out my intention to change the way Hari Raya was celebrated in Singapore.

There was a few comments by fellow multiply who actually agree on the need to change so that we can save time.

Somehow, the idea remains only an idea until last year.

Last year, with Allah’s permission I was finally able to executed part of the plan.

It was not really well-received by my husband’s siblings but quite surprisingly the relatives from my side was understanding and some even concur that it was a good idea.

So this year, we shall continue doing so and I believe one day this trend will catch with others as well. In fact, I do know of some family who had done this way longer than us.

Basically, the idea is to have less visitstion days yet within that short days to meet as many relatives and friends that we can.

Presently, during hari raya a lot of us visit one another on reciprocal approach… You know like….You come to my house and then I come to your house ….doing this means you get to meet the same people twice or more and visit houses more than you need to. By doing this, no wonder hari raya need to be celebrated 1 month in order to cover all houses.

In Islam, Hari raya is only celebrated in one day. True celebration is done during the fasting month itself, like having iftar together with family members or friends to bring closer the ties and bonds among us.

Back to my visitation plan, the formula is simple.

– To have family members that could to gather at one house (each year gather at different house to be fair) instead of going from one house to another. For afterall the actual reason to meet is to bond and seek forgiveness with one another.

– Omit visiting the house of those we meet at other people’s house. Again this is because we have meet.

– Aim to visit those we have not meet especially the eldest in the family and finish the necessary visitation within 2-3 days.

– Once done, routine goes back to normal and we all be at home to welcome guests who wish to come.

That’s all 🙂

Anyway, yesterday night this topic was open for discussion between my husband and I. He said his family would like to go out raya together and I said sure but instead of visiting all the siblings house, why not try my idea, limit the visit to only one siblings house and then we all go out and do visitation to his aunt and uncles house together. This way we can achieve both. Going out together and cover more houses of their elderly in the family cos my husband have many elderly uncles and aunts which we do not get to go cos by the time we finish visiting the siblings houses, the day is over.

Such a pity to me, because the new generation did not get to meet and get acquainted with the other extended family members and know their elderly members of the family.

So I hope, somehow my husband’s siblings will be open to this idea and be happy with the arrangement.

Sometime, change can be a good thing 😉

Spring cleaning

Ok today no work …. took the day off since kids are also not schooling in lieu of National Day celebration.

I do not have the mood for Hari Raya (Eid), no mood to go visiting but nevertheless am having the whole house thoroughly clean cos I figured the poor house is entitled to a spring cleaning at least once a year 🙂

Now my laundry basket is overflow with dirty curtains and bedsheets. Kids are actively helping with the cleaning, they have been wiping the windows grills, vacuuming, throwing all the rubbish that seems to pile up over the months in their bedrooms. Both toilets are scrub and will go thru another round of scrubbing next saturday.

This year, I have decided to cut down the number of visitations during Eid. Our priority will be visiting the elders in our family and our siblings. Other than that we will not be visiting other houses, my apologies but I have no mood for long celebrations of Eid. To me, Eid should only be celebrated the first 3 days and that’s it.

Although we are not visiting many houses, but we are always happy to receive guests to our house 🙂

I think its time for a change of culture. The purpose of visiting should be because we want to meet one another, so it should not matter who visit whose house first or whether the person will reciprocate the visitation itself. Again the purpose should be to renew our “silahturrahim” and not to exchange visitation to each other’s house. By doing so, all of us will save time, energy and yet at the same time, are able to meet one another and seek forgiveness from one another.

Also, this year, kids are having their CA2 right after the Eid so they have to concentrate on their revisions.

I hope slowly but surely, our muslims community will be able to change the culture of wastage that are aplenty during the festive seasons and that we learn to priortise Ramadan more than Hari Raya itself.

20120810-225640.jpgthe mess ….




20120810-225712.jpgyoungest doter cleaning her room …