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Spring cleaning

It takes me 2 days to spring clean my blog as well as my private collections of stuff in my PC. I think I must make a habit of spring cleaning them more often rather than wait 2-3 years.

I have this urge to clear my stuff and settle personal matters before my departure. Hoping to right matters so that my children will know what to do while I’m not around.

I am also hoping that after the Fest next week, office matters will settle down.

The weather has turn cool these days …. more rainy days that it feels almost like spring has come to Singapore 🙂

Maybe that’s why I’m having the mood to do spring cleaning hahaha …. 😛

The only place I do not have the mood to clean is my house ….. when I look at my store room, I feel faint huhu …. such a mess. Gonna leave that to my husband. Hoping he can spare some time in future to do so.

Ok time to rest …. the energy level has become almost zilch now.


Of stress and chats

Hah! ….. this week is just one of those weeks when my kids decided to throw out unexpected aches on me 😦

fening fening kefaler arr … huhu

I think one of the most hazardous jobs …. at least to the emotional side is being a mother ….. Mother with the middle name being Stress! 😛

Though I have moments of relief …. have to thank the new chat group that sprung just a few days ago. Woke up in the middle of the night and when I checked the time on my hp, was surprise to see the new group and my name in it. Reading the funny chats among hubby relatives was a stress reliever and the photos shared are like precious gems 🙂

I am really an old soul hahaha….. I love anything old …. to me they are more valuable and so very very precious. I think this is something I get by being a librarian for more than 25 years 😉

So yeah this week has been stressful and I think it's time to take a long break and go jalan-jalan …… time to plan for one 😉

Look-See Look-see ….. where should I go and when????



I was woken up at pre-dawn by sounds of heavy running and shouting. At first I thought there was a fight somewhere nearby …. I quickly got up and look out of the window but could see nothing. Still hearing those sounds, I made my way to the living room and look out of the balcony. What I saw shocked me for a team of fire-fighters were all busy putting up water hoses ….. it was then I realised that there was a fire nearby.

I looked further down and thought it was the block opposite my house but then I realised more and more people were gathering at the void deck at the opposite block and looking at my block.

I went to open my front door and that was when I saw the smoke coming out from the 7th storey. A neighbour’s flat was on fire 😦

Praying and hoping no one was injured, I continued to watch as the fire was put out.

Alhamdulillah …. within moments the fire was out and everything was silent again. Kuddos to the firemen for their hard work. As for my neighbour, I hope everything could be settle as soon as possible and that no one was injured during the breakout.

Evolvement of life

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope today begins as a start of all good things to happen within this whole week. Insya’Allah!

The rest of my kids are starting their new term today. I hope the traffic will be smooth despite the begin of new term for the ITE students. Hope the red and green MRT line do not have any further hiccups throughout the day and the week.

Today’s topic on my mind is actually on the evolvement of life … how everyone of us goes through life either by facing hardships or a life of ease at the beginning and then it gets better or we fall from grace and how like a cycle, again we go through up and down at different interval of our lives …. how at times we start with being a badass and yet midway we evolve to be a better person.

So really change is a cycle and very constant …. always happening, sometimes slowly and at times rapidly … and the how and when we go through this cycle is the only unpredictable factor.

Whatever it is …. whether its negative or positive …. we can’t avoid change. All we can do is try our best to evolve our internal self to accept and adapt to the changes. At any time, most important is not to let go of the tie between us and the Almighty. The link between us and God is something that acts as an anchor, stabilising us when going through life’s negative cycle. Do not let go even if our link seems to be the weakest …. just hang on to it and pray and be positive. For in every hardships there will be ease. Be patience for the silver lining will be there.

A quote from Mufti Menk: “Calamity has its blessings. Embrace it. The Almighty knows. He has seen how it can transform a harsh person into one with the kindest heart.

And when we are facing the positive changes …. always be thankful and do our best to keep the blessings hidden. Why?

Another quote from Mufti Menk:Don’t underestimate the evil-eye. It’s real. As far as possible, keep your blessings hidden. Be humble. Make the Almighty your focus.

Jealousy is real …. the people whom we think likes us and trusts us are the ones most likely to back-stab us. I’ve seen it and I’ve gone through it. People whom I thought are like my own sisters, smiling one moment in front of me and yet behind me spread falsehood about me. The most disappointing are those who in the face of negative situation do not even defend you when they know they could have done so and help ease the situation.

Office politics is also another thing that are always happenings …. and these are mostly negative as well.

So be humble and protect the heart from hurt by keeping a certain distance from other people. Continue to be kind and friendly but be aware of life’s treacherous ways and learn to protect yourself. For these reasons, I am now more comfortable being in my own company and do not seek other people companion unnecessarily. The less we interact, the less we are open to mistakes and negative situations.

As a reminder, I too need to protect myself from feeling jealous towards other people, must always be thankful for what I am and what I have.

Happenings in life will make us evolve ….. what we should watch out for and hope for is that the evolvements are positive ones. Do not be afraid of changes …. accept and adapt. Insya’Allah we will come out better and wiser.


Raya drama

Ok this post is me letting out steam!!!

Hari raya is almost 2 weeks old and there are few dramas going on year by year ….. one drama in particular which I have to say I am sick of hearing it again and again is this:

Raya drama Kecil Hati:
The story of people who “kecil hati” cos we did not go to their house. As I have explained again and again … the existing culture do not works for me anymore. I do not have the energy to go house hopping one by one. No energy and no time ….. so once I’ve met the people to me that’s it! Objection met …. we meet and we interact. Good enough! This is my choice and my action and so yes I am responsible for them.

So please do not be a hypocrite and say “Oh ok I understand” and yet behind me you started to grouch and be “kecil hati”. You choose to come to my house and so that’s your choice and you are responsible for that choice. For me any visitors are welcome to my house and so that’s my choice.

So if you’re going to act this way, next year please remind yourself that you are under no obligation to come to my house …. do not worry that I will be “kecil hati” ….. Insya’Allah that will not happen as it has been my choice to change the way I celebrate my raya.


In sickness….

Poor hubby ….. his feet problem has escalated and now he is hospitalized again. Now both feet having infection but the most serious is the left foot. It has become a bacterial infection, spreading to the skin area above the foot. He was hospitalized since last Tuesday and I have been going to and fro from work to the hospital since then.

Very tiring for me but it would be ok as long as he can be cured. I pray he will be given a speedy recovery as soon as possible. He has not been back to work for almost a month.

On the first day in hospital, his left foot was bleeding and swollen….the blood drips continuously. Now, with antibiotic given to him via the drip and dressing by the nurse, it looked slightly better. The hospital doctor has already said he will not be discharged so soon.

The things that life test us….. May all those who are sick be given the patience and strength to endure the pain and be given speedy recovery soon. Aamiin….

As we grow older…. it takes a longer time for the body to recover. For me…. I am just thankful that I have my daughters to lean to and depend whenever I need extra help. Alhamdulilah….

I thanked too my siblings who ever since they know of my hubby’s condition has been frequently asking after him …. they too have been my pillar of strength. Alhamdulliah…..