Wedding Project

My niece will be getting married in 2 weeks time ….. the first niece to be married within the family and all of us are slowly being pulled to be involve in the preparations.

My role is to prepare goodies for the little guests …. as per request by the bride-to-be, there will be a table allocated for kids to come and collect their goodies. My daughters has been assign to look after the kiddy corner.

So far I have bought dinosaur egg capsules with little dinosaurs in the egg capsules …. this will be the surprise toy in the goodie bags and will be made available to the first 100 kids. The little dinosaurs in the capsule are actually erasers 🙂


Dino Egg Capsules


Little dinsosaurs in the capsule

I have also bought sweets and jellies. These I bought while I was over at JB last weekend. The next items to be purchase are packets of crackers. Most likely I will do so by next weekend.

Its exciting to be involve in the preparation for the wedding. Its been years since we were all involved in one.

So now all of us are counting down … waiting for the time to officially welcome our newest member to the family 🙂




Phew!! The past few days I have been experiencing moments of … hmm let’s say a bit of shocked, panic attack, sad, angry etc. and the best would be happy ???

I’m sure everyone has heard of stories of people got scammed, their accounts got hacked etc.

When I was reading these stories, I sympathised with the victims and yet I never thought it will happen to me. Lol and behold! Last Wednesday, it did happened! My account with Uber got hacked and somebody somewhere in Europe used my account to have jolly good “free” rides (many rides okay) with me paying for the trips. In total after conversion it was about $500 plus.

The hacker started using my account since Monday. Luckily since I frequently checked my account, I noticed these unauthorised deductions by Wednesday. I quickly went down to my bank and reported this abuse to Uber.

Within one hour, everything got settled. Uber thankfully responded to my report within half an hour and stopped all transactions and reimbursed me.

My bank cancelled my card and issue a new one to me while at the same time, filed my report.

Within 2 days, I got my money back. Alhamdulillah!!! Phew!!!

Lesson learnt from the above experience? It would be good for banks to allow us to have a card just for online transaction whereby we only transfer money to it when we need to pay for our online transaction. Unfortunately, right now all cards issued, the balance in the account must either be above $500 or $1000 if not there will be a service charged.

It will be good if this can be done …. if not then the alternative would be to be very careful not to keep your account in any online company.

Ok the experience above was my moment of panic, angry and frustration.

Then there was the moment of incredulous …. as I said I am now more of a silent reader than an active contributer to the ASK chat group. I pity my hubby …. I don’t see why he should be treated that way but as I said before all things bad or good that happened to us … in one way or another there are blessings. From the things that recently happened, at least we can see how other people perceive him, how they hold him in their eyes …. it’s a pity really but its a reality that most of us are ruled by our feelings and when the feelings are negative we forget to be kind to those we dislike… and its truly sad when kindness could not be extended to one’s sibling especially one that’s older.

Hubby actually pulled himself out of the chat group …. and when one of the cousin asked “why he left” … the youngest bro told her he will talk with his brother (and which of course he did not …. it was just for show this impression of being concern). No one from his side of the family bothers to ask him why? As per say, “actions speaks louder than words”. It also showed the lack of open communication between them. The only thing that happened was one of the other brother (who’s one of the admin for the group) just added him back. Hubby was not happy but he decided to leave things alone. No privacy there, it’s like one is not given the choice to decide whether one wants to be in the group or not.

A cousin PM hubby asking him if he accidentally deleted himself out but hubby chose not to answer that question.

I feel sad for him …. I can understand that as he grows older he is more sensitive. He is a very patience person and for him to take such an action means he has reached his limit.

Anyway, that’s between him and his brothers. It takes all kind of people …. so what’s important is we be aware of our own actions, words (and when I said words, it include those we typed as we chat online) …. only we are responsible for what we do and act …. life is really about action and reaction. One’s negative action will bring about another person’s negative reaction. It’s a vicious cycle and we must learn to know when to cut off this negativity and always remember not to do to others what we do not want others to do to us.

A reminder that always needed to be reminded …. and that’s why I think the less active in the social world the better. Anyway that’s my motto 🙂

Okay that’s enough of the negative moments …. I am happy to say that within the same week, I received news that my maknae passed her exam and has been promoted to Sec 4. Alhamdulillah! Even though she did not score well in the marks but I am just grateful and happy that she continues to move on to the next level of her academic journey. Jiayou WQ! 🙂

I am also very happy that I was able to attend my second learning journey class with Zan’s Treats. The class on learning to bake layered cakes was great! It was fun and we learnt a lot of tips and techniques. It was also very very tiring. Doing the layering bit by bit was time consuming and by the end of the day I was “bushed”. Both my feet were in agony hahaha…. but it was worth it and rewarding when I saw how my kids and hubby enjoyed what I baked 🙂

Lapis learning journey … two types of layered cake in one day

Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb! For all things that happened to us all. Alhamdulillah was letting us experience the up and down of life.


Ramadhan 2017 – Day 23

Its been a very busy week …. I’m bushed and my body is totally whacked!!!

It is this period of time I wish our culture is so different than the ones I know presently …. I wished Eid is spent only for a day or two without us going thru the hassle of preparing so much for it. I’d rather hibernate in the last week of Ramadhan than having have to do so many chores and yet trying to maintain benefiting from the last days of Ramadhan.

It is now day 23 …. less than a week more to go and then it will be so long … till next time if Allah s.w.t. wills it.

My poor hubby is having a trial starting from the past week till now…. he has been on MC on and off due to swollen toes and swollen feet. His pain threshold was usually high but this time he could not stand it and initiated the idea to see the doctor. Usually it was me who will nagged him to go see the doctor whenever he was sick but this time he sounds out before I could do so.

In fact, tonight after breaking fast, he has asked me to bring him to the hospital. So we decided to go to NTF hospital in Jurong. What time we will be going will depend on when he comes back from work. His management has been kind to allow him to wear slippers to work since he is not able to wear safety boots nor any kind of shoes right now.

Hubby is worried about being on MC for many days … he is afraid he will be earning less because of the MCs. I told him not to worry about that, whatever happens we will just have to cope and insya;Allah we will.  Most important is for him to find a cure and we hope seeing the doctor in the hospital will be able to help, insya’Allah.  Before this, he had already been to the polyclinic a few times and a blood test had already been done to test whether he had diabetes. Alhamdulillah, no diabetes, so now rather than keep going to the polyclinic, it’s to the hospital instead.

I just hope the A&E dept. won’t be crowded and we could come home as soon as possible. More importantly I hope there’s a cure for his illness.

May Allah s.w.t. give ease to us in these remaining days within the blessed month. Aamiin ….


Ramadhan 2017 – Day 15 and 2nd iftar with the family

Alhamdulillah …. its the 15th day of fasting and tonight, we had iftar at my 3rd sister’s abode. A request made by my eldest nephew who had missed the first family iftar the other day. He made the request to my sister right after the day after our recent family iftar hehee …. I supposed he must have truly wanted it … must have missed the bonding and ambience of family gathering so much that he wanted a chance to attend another family gathering 😉

This time, our menu was akin to Nasi Ambeng style. My sister cooked the rice, sotong sambal, urap, and sambal goreng. My eldest niece-in-law cooked ayam merah. I made the begedel (potato cutlets) and sardines puff. There was even epok-epok sayur, fried banana wif condensed milk and chocolate and karipap.

The iiftar dishes and surprised birthday cake for us 🙂

After the iftar, the June babies had a surprised waiting 😉

The family members had bought a cake to celebrate our birthday …. Thank you Everyone! 🙂

Well, ok enough on the iftar topic.

Day 15 of Ramadhan …. I can’t believe how fast the time really flies. It’s like only yesterday we started our fasting and now we are in the middle of the month and soon the blessed month will say goodbye to us all 😦

Not looking forward to it …. really really not looking forward to it but really have no choice but to go through it.  Hoping that the Almighty will bestow on us all another chance to see the blessed month next year, insya’Allah!

Recently, a colleague recommended me to watch the Halaqah series by TV9.  You can find the videos via Youtube. You need to just type “Halaqah 2016” or “Halaqah 2017”.  I would highly recommended our muslim brothers and sisters to watch this.  Its in Malay and the series is an eye-opener for me. Its like a revision and yet at the same time, I learn a lot more new information from it. The Halaqah 2016 touched on the topic of “kiamat” (the end of the world). Believing in “Kiamat”, is the 5th pillar of Iman (faith). The discussion and shared knowledge were very in-depth and supported by verses in the Quran and Hadith. In between there were also comparison on the findings of science that matched what were mentioned in the Quran. Subhanallah!

Halaqah 2017 moved on to touch on the topic of death, after death and life in the hereafter. Another thought provoking topics and mind-blowing.  Alhamdulillah!

I hope many of our brothers and sisters will watch this series. It’s truly beneficial and hopefully will encourage us to continue auditing ourselves to become a better person and servant. Insya’Allah!



Ramadhan 2017 – Day 10 cum Family Iftar

Alhamdulillah today mark the 10th day of fasting.

Yesterday our family held an iftar session at my abode. Not everyone was able to come. Nevertheless, it was still fun gathering and breaking our fast together.

Snaps of the iftar … (photo taken by my niece Suria)

Our main menu was Gado-Gado, provided by yours truly. The rest of the foods such as otah-otah, takoyaki, Nasi jagung dan lauk pauknya, donut, home-made ice-cream were brought by my sister, nieces and nephews.  My girls had fun making the takoyaki real-time with her cousins 🙂

Home made takoyaki … my niece, Aishah brought along the electric maker over to the house and made them on the spot, together with her two assistance (my eldest and Nisa)

This year, Alhamdulillah, even though not all were able to come, we still had our 3 generations of the Mahmood family together and of course, the kids, our 3rd generation of the Mahmood clan were the stars of the day 🙂

During our meet-up, we also took the opportunity to discuss the plan for our family Raya outing. Another annual event that usually happens during the 2nd day of Eid or 1st weekend of Eid.

This year marked the 4th year we plan our outing together by renting a mini bus (which include the driver). Also, this will be the 2nd year in a row, our eldest sister and BIL will be joining us. Insya’Allah, they will be coming down from Brunei on the eve of Eid itself.

Looking forward to Eid and yet at the same time I’m reluctant for Ramadhan to leave. I am grateful for being able to live and experience this year’s Ramadhan. Before the arrival of the blessed month, I was not confident of being able to do what I should be doing but Allah s.w.t., being the Most Merciful has continue to surprise and shower me with His mercy and blessings. I am humbled by my experience and the opportunity given to me. It is more that I had hope for. Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb!

Hoping the coming days will be fruitful for us all as well and continue onwards even beyond Ramadhan!

Before I end this post, I’m just going to share a quote from one of the Sahabah, Abdullah Bin Mas’ud r.a., which I am typing it down in Malay.  This quote, is more of a reminder to myself which I hope I will be able to hold tight insya’Allah!

“Taat, jangan maksiat. Ingat Allah, jangan lupa. Syukur, jangan kufur.”

These words contain the important message on how to live life.  Obey God, Do not commit sins, Remember God always, Be a grateful person.



Sometimes I can’t believe my girls are now moving on to the young adult stage instead of being teenagers.

There are times, I will just sit and observe them …. see the physical changes as well as the emotional changes in them.

This January, my second girl turns sweet 17. Since it falls near the CNY period, we had a family get together and celebrated her birthday on the same day.

Our feast! Yumss….

Our loveable maknae enjoying the birthday cake … so cute hehee…

This morning, I accompanied my eldest girl to her medical appointment and  after the appointment, my eldest girl gave me a treat at SG….. ooh! my favourite eatery place 😊

Thank you so much NH!

BBQ time!

Now, right this minute in fact, as I am typing, my eldest girl is in her room, practising her presentation script. Tomorrow is the D-day and so she is practising hard since the POM is a difficult subject to score.

May the Almighty bestow success on the team’s effort. Aamiin….

Looking at her …. I was brought back to the past …. its like right in front of my eyes, like a movie, I could see her as a little girl with chubby cheeks and curly hair and see the years passes by till my vision of her now 🙂

I can tell you that my heart just skipped a beat just now and I knew I had to write this down … which is why I am typing away at this blog.

How my girls have grown!

As for my youngest, she is now lying down on her tummy near me …. studying for her science test. I marvel at the youngsters these days …. studying while listening to music uh huh! …. I can’t see myself doing that cos when I study I need a place that is quiet 😉

The second girl is in her room doing her own stufff as well.

Moments like these …. being able to be with them are so precious to me. These are the moments that warm the heart 🙂



The start of a new year..

Alhamdulillah…still breathing and able-bodied to go on with this life.

The start of 2017 has been good. Weather has been cool wth frequent showers of rain especially in the evening.

The second day of 2017, our abode received guests from Selangor… it was a joy to be able to see hubby’s aunt and cousins again 🙂

They lost their way while driving to our house. Finally, reaching us at around 8.30 pm. In a way, I considered it as a blessing cos my husband was able to meet them then. If they had reached earlier, he would have missed meeting them.

Hubby and his Mak Bam

We also had another guest, my MIL staying overnight that weekend. I was kind of surprise that she agreed to pay us a visit and sleep over at our house. All these years she had always declined to do so, even to the extreme of creating negative situations. Anyway, I’m just hoping there’s no negative outcome out of the recent visit. Hubby was worried but I hope it did went ok 😉

He knows I can be brutally frank when provoked and so not wanting him to worry, my kids and I, we keep ourselves to the minimalist in our verbal communication.


Group foto before saying goodbye to the guests

I went to fetch her cos initially she told me she wanted to learn how to go to our house via public transport. So I told her no problem I can show her the way But when I came by, I was told by my bil that she could not even board a bus. He offered to call a cab and so I agreed. Frankly, I could not understand why she said what she say to me on the phone. So I did told her nicely while in the cab that in future do tell the truth next time. Being truthful would eliminate unnecessary miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Well, all in all, I hope she felt comfortable while at our house.

The first week of January, school re-opens and today, my maknae went off to be a camp counsellor to the secondary one students. Insya’Allah, she will be back on Friday.  Then, next Monday, the two eldest girls will start their term at their respective schools.

So its back to routine schedule until CNY, cos then we will be off for a short family staycation with the rest of the extended M’s family… Looking forward to all the good foods and bonding time, can’t wait! 🙂