Phew!! The past few days I have been experiencing moments of … hmm let’s say a bit of shocked, panic attack, sad, angry etc. and the best would be happy ???

I’m sure everyone has heard of stories of people got scammed, their accounts got hacked etc.

When I was reading these stories, I sympathised with the victims and yet I never thought it will happen to me. Lol and behold! Last Wednesday, it did happened! My account with Uber got hacked and somebody somewhere in Europe used my account to have jolly good “free” rides (many rides okay) with me paying for the trips. In total after conversion it was about $500 plus.

The hacker started using my account since Monday. Luckily since I frequently checked my account, I noticed these unauthorised deductions by Wednesday. I quickly went down to my bank and reported this abuse to Uber.

Within one hour, everything got settled. Uber thankfully responded to my report within half an hour and stopped all transactions and reimbursed me.

My bank cancelled my card and issue a new one to me while at the same time, filed my report.

Within 2 days, I got my money back. Alhamdulillah!!! Phew!!!

Lesson learnt from the above experience? It would be good for banks to allow us to have a card just for online transaction whereby we only transfer money to it when we need to pay for our online transaction. Unfortunately, right now all cards issued, the balance in the account must either be above $500 or $1000 if not there will be a service charged.

It will be good if this can be done …. if not then the alternative would be to be very careful not to keep your account in any online company.

Ok the experience above was my moment of panic, angry and frustration.

Then there was the moment of incredulous …. as I said I am now more of a silent reader than an active contributer to the ASK chat group. I pity my hubby …. I don’t see why he should be treated that way but as I said before all things bad or good that happened to us … in one way or another there are blessings. From the things that recently happened, at least we can see how other people perceive him, how they hold him in their eyes …. it’s a pity really but its a reality that most of us are ruled by our feelings and when the feelings are negative we forget to be kind to those we dislike… and its truly sad when kindness could not be extended to one’s sibling especially one that’s older.

Hubby actually pulled himself out of the chat group …. and when one of the cousin asked “why he left” … the youngest bro told her he will talk with his brother (and which of course he did not …. it was just for show this impression of being concern). No one from his side of the family bothers to ask him why? As per say, “actions speaks louder than words”. It also showed the lack of open communication between them. The only thing that happened was one of the other brother (who’s one of the admin for the group) just added him back. Hubby was not happy but he decided to leave things alone. No privacy there, it’s like one is not given the choice to decide whether one wants to be in the group or not.

A cousin PM hubby asking him if he accidentally deleted himself out but hubby chose not to answer that question.

I feel sad for him …. I can understand that as he grows older he is more sensitive. He is a very patience person and for him to take such an action means he has reached his limit.

Anyway, that’s between him and his brothers. It takes all kind of people …. so what’s important is we be aware of our own actions, words (and when I said words, it include those we typed as we chat online) …. only we are responsible for what we do and act …. life is really about action and reaction. One’s negative action will bring about another person’s negative reaction. It’s a vicious cycle and we must learn to know when to cut off this negativity and always remember not to do to others what we do not want others to do to us.

A reminder that always needed to be reminded …. and that’s why I think the less active in the social world the better. Anyway that’s my motto πŸ™‚

Okay that’s enough of the negative moments …. I am happy to say that within the same week, I received news that my maknae passed her exam and has been promoted to Sec 4. Alhamdulillah! Even though she did not score well in the marks but I am just grateful and happy that she continues to move on to the next level of her academic journey. Jiayou WQ! πŸ™‚

I am also very happy that I was able to attend my second learning journey class with Zan’s Treats. The class on learning to bake layered cakes was great! It was fun and we learnt a lot of tips and techniques. It was also very very tiring. Doing the layering bit by bit was time consuming and by the end of the day I was “bushed”. Both my feet were in agony hahaha…. but it was worth it and rewarding when I saw how my kids and hubby enjoyed what I baked πŸ™‚

Lapis learning journey … two types of layered cake in one day

Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb! For all things that happened to us all. Alhamdulillah was letting us experience the up and down of life.



Hot and bothered

Whoa!!! The heat is back and with a vengeance. The humidity level can be unbearable at times. Due to the hot weather during the past week and as well as coming days, I think my water bill will increase cos of the frequent showers taken at home hehee

I’m just glad to be inside the office these days …. so much cooler thanks to the air-con. It is times like this that I wish I could afford to install air-con at home.

Ok enough talk of the weather ….

I need to let out my inner thoughts ….

I have chosen to withdraw from too much social life for the past 2 years … and I find comfort in it.

Then last month, I was pulled back to become active again …. pulled by the draw of family bond, thanks to my hubby’s cousins.

Yet, an incident happened during the chat when different people gave different views. To me it’s ok to agree to disagree but nevertheless it was uncomfortable to read these negativity.

Luckily, few of the cousins were very good at keeping things easy and jovial to deflect the awkwardness that happened.

These happenings makes me want to withdraw again …. but before I do that …. today I went in to share what gems I found during my research on the family. It will be the few last things I will share with them …. they deserve to know cos it’s their rights as these were about their ancestors.

I will not go on further ….. it will be up to them to do so if they’re interested in the archival project. Though from what I see now, many are not interested and this is of no surprise. Family history are very dry subjects … .especially if its about people who are no longer in the living world.

I’m closing the book on this and unless I feel the need to answer or the need to contribute …. I will henceforth be a silent reader.

I miss my solitude and shall withdraw into my shell for the moment …. I am afterall by nature an introvert …. its just that I learn to become an extrovert.

Going back to be active in the social world just makes me realise that I can’t do it for long term …. I need a breather after a short stint …. I need my “me time” and my solitude.

I need to focus back on what is essential to me.


Skillsfuture fund

Alhamdulillah …. finally I decided to use the skillsfuture fund to enhance my baking skill.

Togehter with my friend Z, we both registered to attend 2 baking classes @ Zans Treats.

The first class was learning how to bake Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Cupcakes.

Final display of the class efforts

Even though I do have basic knowledge on baking but I believed and had found that I learnt more when I attended a proper class. During the class, via Q&A and shared tips by the Chef, our knowledge on baking skills were further enhanced. Of course as with any skills, practice makes perfect and so I must make sure that after attending these classes to make time to practice and improve my skills with time.

One of the many hands-on experience during the class

This first class with ZT went well. It was indeed a learning journey and very hands-on. There’s so much sharing and laughter as we learnt together.

Next week we will be attending our second class ….. learning how to bake Kek Lapis. Then next year, both of us, Z and myself, we decided to register for another class on bread making. We decided to do it next year so that we can look forward to new learning experience as time goes by.


Sydney – The last 2 days

Okay, this will be the last post on my visit to Sydney. The 5th day, we spent touring the city …. hopping from one point to another.

One of the view along the streets

First stop was to scenic view of the Harbour Bridge, there were two stops that allowed us to see the Harbour Bridge, a close up look at it and another one slightly further away. Both views were fantastic!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

We also went to see the Sydney Opera House …. a pity we were not able to view the inside of the opera house. I would have love to join the guided tour.

Sydney Opera House

After which, we took a ferry ride from the Circular Quay …. the ride allows us to enjoy seeing the different views of the surrounding areas. Truly enjoyed the winds and movement of the ferry. I enjoyed being on a ferry or boat, hmm… maybe can consider taking a vacation cruise next time πŸ˜‰

The ferry

We disembarked at Pyrmont Bay and from there we took a slow and leisure walk right up to McMahon Bridge to Darling Harbour where our bus awaits us.

Part view of the park where we had our bbq

Once boarded the bus, we went to a park (sorry I could not remember the name of the park). At the park, a bbq picnic awaits us.

After greeting the wonderful chefs that had prepared the scrumptious foods for us, we happily helped ourselves to the foods. It was most enjoyable … .the foods as well as the view from the park were great.

Our chefs hard at work, barbequing the qurban meat for us (photo credit to Lin)

I could see children happily playing the swings and riding bicycles. It was a joy seeing the delights on the faces of the children πŸ™‚

There were many birds around the park and these birds were not shy …. always waiting nearby for scraps of foods.

After the bbq, it was a free and easy moment but I chose to go back to the hotel …. to rest and start preparing to pack my luggage for the next day, the 6th day was our last day in Sydney.

One of the 3 masjids we visited

We checked out around 10 am ….. boarded the bus and continue our last lap of the journey before moving on to the airport.

At one of the scenic beaches …. simply beautiful!

Such a delight! (photo credit to Lin)

We visited the beaches ….. stopped a couple of times for photo taking and at Bondi Beach, we had our lunch. A fish and chips meal awaited us. It was really good! I like πŸ™‚

Fish n Chips

A final stopped at a mosque and then it was to the airport finally!

Boarded the plane at 8.30 pm Sydney time and Alhamdulillah reached Singapore …. Home Sweet Home around 4 am in the morning.

Mesmerising view (photo credit to Cik M.)

My takes on the whole journey? Alhamdulillah … it was a good trip … the Sunny Island Travels did a good job, there were a few points that can be improved but hey! nothing is perfect. All in all I was happy and satisfied.

Personally, the ‘me time’ …. being alone was good for me, though I could not help every now and then, thinking and worrying about my husband and kids. The good thing about having access to technology was that it was easy to keep in touch. I had my eldest daughter reported to me daily and even had a watsapp call with hubby.

I’m grateful and blessed that I was able to fulfill part of my wish list. Still have 2 more places I wish to go ….. but I supposed have to wait, need to save up and see if there’s another opportunity given, insya’Allah!

Travelling does broaden one’s mind and perspective. Few things I learnt during my solo travel were to have the spirit of adventure …. be willing to try, have less expectations, do not complain instead accommodate the self to whatever conditions given, be brave and friendly.

Since I am an introvert (though people who knows me would not have believed it of me hahaha) ….. being alone was never an issue to me. I strive being alone, am always comfortable just having myself as company ….. yet I am always open to befriend others. Thus, I was glad to gain not one, not two … but three new friends during the journey. These people were the closest to me during the whole journey. I missed them and occasionally we do keep in touch via the watsapp.

So khalas … have finally reached the end of my Sydney tales …. have no idea where the future will bring me to, I do not know when I can go for another solo trip but I shall continue to save and look forward to the next one πŸ™‚


Sydney – Day 4, 5th Sept

For the 4th day of the trip, we assembled at 8.15 am and made our way to Featherdale Wildlife Park. We spent about 2 hrs at the park and then we went on to Factory Outlet and Berkinhead Point for another session of shopping experience. I did not indulge too much in the shopping, hahaha I’m on a budget, so instead I just enjoyed the sight-seeing Β with my 2 new friends and photo taking activity with them, especially while at the Berkinhead Point.

The highlight of the day …. touching this cutie little Koala πŸ™‚

At the Featherdale Wildlife Park, I was able to touch and feed the kangaroos and koala. That was such an unforgettable experience. Love the feeling of the furs and the sensation of having the animals eating from my hand. Truly amazing! πŸ™‚

Wish I could bring them home Β πŸ˜‰

Can you spot the little ‘joey’?

Feeding time!

The day was well-spent and soon it was time to head back to the hotel …. to rest and have our dinner.

A view of the Birkenhead Point

So many yacht ….. πŸ™‚

PS: Alhamdulillah … I am indeed thankful to Allah s.w.t and to my hubby for giving me the opportunity to travel solo and have my ‘me time’. Β I do enjoy going on vacations with my family members but I find myself enjoying the most … at a maximum level while travelling alone. Β There’s such a vast difference, especially in the level of self-relaxation and I find learning many new things as I travelled solo. Β It’s an eye-opener experience πŸ™‚

to be continued….

Sydney – Day 3, 4th Sept

I woke up at the same timing as yesterday and by 7 am, our group made our way to the Blue Mountain. The journey was about 1 hour plus and our first stop was at the Lincoln’s Rock. The scenic view was amazing and simply breathtaking.

Love the view from Lincoln’s Rock. Breathtaking!

The moment I stepped out of the bus, the coldness from the wind could be felt right to the bones. I was glad I was wearing 4 layers of clothing …. it was very windy and very very cold.

Wonders of Allah’s creation … Subhanallah!

The view as I mentioned, was astounding! All of us had fun with our photo taking ….. so many different posed could be seen in action hahaha … πŸ˜„Β  All these despite the strong wind the blew all over the place.

We did not stay long over at the Lincoln’s Rock due to the very cold wind …. after which we went to Katoomba, Echo Point. Here we were able to view more scenic views, heard of the legend of the 3 sisters and visit the Aborigine Center.

Close-up view of the 3 sisters


Its so peaceful!

From there, we went on to Scenic Skyway @ Scenic World and upon reaching Scenic World, we proceed to have our lunch. The Indian cuisines served were very good……very flavorful. πŸ‘

After lunch, we went on to ride on tram and cable car.

The cable car

The tram …. look how steep it is as it came down the slope

The whole day was spent at the Blue Mountain and it was a tired yet happy group when the day came to an end.

to be continued ….