Hot and bothered

Whoa!!! The heat is back and with a vengeance. The humidity level can be unbearable at times. Due to the hot weather during the past week and as well as coming days, I think my water bill will increase cos of the frequent showers taken at home hehee

I’m just glad to be inside the office these days …. so much cooler thanks to the air-con. It is times like this that I wish I could afford to install air-con at home.

Ok enough talk of the weather ….

I need to let out my inner thoughts ….

I have chosen to withdraw from too much social life for the past 2 years … and I find comfort in it.

Then last month, I was pulled back to become active again …. pulled by the draw of family bond, thanks to my hubby’s cousins.

Yet, an incident happened during the chat when different people gave different views. To me it’s ok to agree to disagree but nevertheless it was uncomfortable to read these negativity.

Luckily, few of the cousins were very good at keeping things easy and jovial to deflect the awkwardness that happened.

These happenings makes me want to withdraw again …. but before I do that …. today I went in to share what gems I found during my research on the family. It will be the few last things I will share with them …. they deserve to know cos it’s their rights as these were about their ancestors.

I will not go on further ….. it will be up to them to do so if they’re interested in the archival project. Though from what I see now, many are not interested and this is of no surprise. Family history are very dry subjects … .especially if its about people who are no longer in the living world.

I’m closing the book on this and unless I feel the need to answer or the need to contribute …. I will henceforth be a silent reader.

I miss my solitude and shall withdraw into my shell for the moment …. I am afterall by nature an introvert …. its just that I learn to become an extrovert.

Going back to be active in the social world just makes me realise that I can’t do it for long term …. I need a breather after a short stint …. I need my “me time” and my solitude.

I need to focus back on what is essential to me.



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