Sydney – Day 4, 5th Sept

For the 4th day of the trip, we assembled at 8.15 am and made our way to Featherdale Wildlife Park. We spent about 2 hrs at the park and then we went on to Factory Outlet and Berkinhead Point for another session of shopping experience. I did not indulge too much in the shopping, hahaha I’m on a budget, so instead I just enjoyed the sight-seeing  with my 2 new friends and photo taking activity with them, especially while at the Berkinhead Point.

The highlight of the day …. touching this cutie little Koala 🙂

At the Featherdale Wildlife Park, I was able to touch and feed the kangaroos and koala. That was such an unforgettable experience. Love the feeling of the furs and the sensation of having the animals eating from my hand. Truly amazing! 🙂

Wish I could bring them home  😉

Can you spot the little ‘joey’?

Feeding time!

The day was well-spent and soon it was time to head back to the hotel …. to rest and have our dinner.

A view of the Birkenhead Point

So many yacht ….. 🙂

PS: Alhamdulillah … I am indeed thankful to Allah s.w.t and to my hubby for giving me the opportunity to travel solo and have my ‘me time’.  I do enjoy going on vacations with my family members but I find myself enjoying the most … at a maximum level while travelling alone.  There’s such a vast difference, especially in the level of self-relaxation and I find learning many new things as I travelled solo.  It’s an eye-opener experience 🙂

to be continued….


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