Sydney – Day 3, 4th Sept

I woke up at the same timing as yesterday and by 7 am, our group made our way to the Blue Mountain. The journey was about 1 hour plus and our first stop was at the Lincoln’s Rock. The scenic view was amazing and simply breathtaking.

Love the view from Lincoln’s Rock. Breathtaking!

The moment I stepped out of the bus, the coldness from the wind could be felt right to the bones. I was glad I was wearing 4 layers of clothing …. it was very windy and very very cold.

Wonders of Allah’s creation … Subhanallah!

The view as I mentioned, was astounding! All of us had fun with our photo taking ….. so many different posed could be seen in action hahaha … 😄  All these despite the strong wind the blew all over the place.

We did not stay long over at the Lincoln’s Rock due to the very cold wind …. after which we went to Katoomba, Echo Point. Here we were able to view more scenic views, heard of the legend of the 3 sisters and visit the Aborigine Center.

Close-up view of the 3 sisters


Its so peaceful!

From there, we went on to Scenic Skyway @ Scenic World and upon reaching Scenic World, we proceed to have our lunch. The Indian cuisines served were very good……very flavorful. 👍

After lunch, we went on to ride on tram and cable car.

The cable car

The tram …. look how steep it is as it came down the slope

The whole day was spent at the Blue Mountain and it was a tired yet happy group when the day came to an end.

to be continued ….


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