Raya drama

Ok this post is me letting out steam!!!

Hari raya is almost 2 weeks old and there are few dramas going on year by year ….. one drama in particular which I have to say I am sick of hearing it again and again is this:

Raya drama Kecil Hati:
The story of people who “kecil hati” cos we did not go to their house. As I have explained again and again … the existing culture do not works for me anymore. I do not have the energy to go house hopping one by one. No energy and no time ….. so once I’ve met the people to me that’s it! Objection met …. we meet and we interact. Good enough! This is my choice and my action and so yes I am responsible for them.

So please do not be a hypocrite and say “Oh ok I understand” and yet behind me you started to grouch and be “kecil hati”. You choose to come to my house and so that’s your choice and you are responsible for that choice. For me any visitors are welcome to my house and so that’s my choice.

So if you’re going to act this way, next year please remind yourself that you are under no obligation to come to my house …. do not worry that I will be “kecil hati” ….. Insya’Allah that will not happen as it has been my choice to change the way I celebrate my raya.



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