In sickness….

Poor hubby ….. his feet problem has escalated and now he is hospitalized again. Now both feet having infection but the most serious is the left foot. It has become a bacterial infection, spreading to the skin area above the foot. He was hospitalized since last Tuesday and I have been going to and fro from work to the hospital since then.

Very tiring for me but it would be ok as long as he can be cured. I pray he will be given a speedy recovery as soon as possible. He has not been back to work for almost a month.

On the first day in hospital, his left foot was bleeding and swollen….the blood drips continuously. Now, with antibiotic given to him via the drip and dressing by the nurse, it looked slightly better. The hospital doctor has already said he will not be discharged so soon.

The things that life test us….. May all those who are sick be given the patience and strength to endure the pain and be given speedy recovery soon. Aamiin….

As we grow older…. it takes a longer time for the body to recover. For me…. I am just thankful that I have my daughters to lean to and depend whenever I need extra help. Alhamdulilah….

I thanked too my siblings who ever since they know of my hubby’s condition has been frequently asking after him …. they too have been my pillar of strength. Alhamdulliah…..



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