Eid 2017

Eid Mubarak everyone!

I am just glad that I am almost done with our compulsory visitings for this year’s Eid. We are left with only another 2 more houses which I hope to cover by end of this week.

I am sorry to those whom I am not or have not been visiting. I usually focus only on the uncle/aunt houses as well as few of the siblings houses. Basically I minimise the number of houses I visit because I find the effort exhausting. As I’ve mentioned before I am changing the ways of how I celebrate Eid. After the first week of Syawal, I do not go out for visitation anymore …. of course guests are welcome to come to our abode. I am more at home receiving guests than being a guest myself 😉

Right now I feel sooo tired and my body clock is still trying to adjust to post Ramadhan.

My hubby got another 5 more days of extension on his MCs. I hope he will recovers fully soon. It has been an up and down kind of days, yet Alhamdulillah we are still able to cope.

New school terms had started and my maknae is now back to school while her two oldest sister are still enjoying their school holidays …. they will be back to school on the 2nd week of July.

My maknae turns 15 yesterday. The funny part was when I send her the birthday wish via watsapp, she replied me with a ‘Orh’ reply hahahaha…. so typical of her 😉

Today as promised I’m bringing her out after school. Hope she will enjoy her treat tonight 🙂

Next week will be a busy ones as well. TIC is coming up and so we will be on duty as scheduled.

Well, hope everyone is doing well at your end and wishing you all the best in whatever you’re doing. Have a great week!


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