Ramadhan 2017 – Day 15 and 2nd iftar with the family

Alhamdulillah …. its the 15th day of fasting and tonight, we had iftar at my 3rd sister’s abode. A request made by my eldest nephew who had missed the first family iftar the other day. He made the request to my sister right after the day after our recent family iftar hehee …. I supposed he must have truly wanted it … must have missed the bonding and ambience of family gathering so much that he wanted a chance to attend another family gathering 😉

This time, our menu was akin to Nasi Ambeng style. My sister cooked the rice, sotong sambal, urap, and sambal goreng. My eldest niece-in-law cooked ayam merah. I made the begedel (potato cutlets) and sardines puff. There was even epok-epok sayur, fried banana wif condensed milk and chocolate and karipap.

The iiftar dishes and surprised birthday cake for us 🙂

After the iftar, the June babies had a surprised waiting 😉

The family members had bought a cake to celebrate our birthday …. Thank you Everyone! 🙂

Well, ok enough on the iftar topic.

Day 15 of Ramadhan …. I can’t believe how fast the time really flies. It’s like only yesterday we started our fasting and now we are in the middle of the month and soon the blessed month will say goodbye to us all 😦

Not looking forward to it …. really really not looking forward to it but really have no choice but to go through it.  Hoping that the Almighty will bestow on us all another chance to see the blessed month next year, insya’Allah!

Recently, a colleague recommended me to watch the Halaqah series by TV9.  You can find the videos via Youtube. You need to just type “Halaqah 2016” or “Halaqah 2017”.  I would highly recommended our muslim brothers and sisters to watch this.  Its in Malay and the series is an eye-opener for me. Its like a revision and yet at the same time, I learn a lot more new information from it. The Halaqah 2016 touched on the topic of “kiamat” (the end of the world). Believing in “Kiamat”, is the 5th pillar of Iman (faith). The discussion and shared knowledge were very in-depth and supported by verses in the Quran and Hadith. In between there were also comparison on the findings of science that matched what were mentioned in the Quran. Subhanallah!

Halaqah 2017 moved on to touch on the topic of death, after death and life in the hereafter. Another thought provoking topics and mind-blowing.  Alhamdulillah!

I hope many of our brothers and sisters will watch this series. It’s truly beneficial and hopefully will encourage us to continue auditing ourselves to become a better person and servant. Insya’Allah!




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