Ramadhan 2017 – Day 3

Alhamdulillah it is now Ramadhan and today marked the 3rd day of fasting.

May all of us strive to do the best we can to seek His blessings and make this year the best Ramadhan ever.

To begin with, as posted by many via IG and FB, and as I read them and reflected on the words shared by these wonderful people, I concurred that we all should begin our Ramadhan with a heart that seeks forgiveness from one another and a hope that we will receive forgiveness from others and forgiveness from the Almighty as well.

So I would like to take this opportunity to say,  Dear Readers, I seek your forgiveness should I had offended you in one way or another while writing on this blog of mine. I also seek forgiveness from all who knows me personally. Please forgive me for any actions and words uttered that may have offended you. As humans, we are never far from making mistakes and thus, forgiving one another is something that we should make a habit. May the Almighty increase our iman, increase our sabr and bestow His mercy and blessings to all mankind, for He is the Most Benevolent, Compassionate and Forgiving.  Aamiin aamiin aamiin Ya Rabb!

Ramadhan is a month that we all need. For it opens the opportunity to start fresh and it provides the opportunity for us to focus and increase our spirituality growth. It is also during this month, that many families will organise iftar (breaking the fast) together. The act of breaking the fasting together, encourages the act of bonding among family members. It is not just about eating together but more importantly it is about the opportunity to interact and perform prayers together.

This is something I always look forward to. With our parents no longer with us, it is imperative that our siblings remain in contact and bond whenever we can. This is also the time when 3 generations within the family get together and everyone gets the opportunity to keep in touch with one another. Family bonding is an effort. If nobody bothers to keep it up, then it is a lost cause to us all. Last year, we had the iftar gathering at my 3rd sister’s abode. This year, our family volunteer to become the host 🙂

I am looking forward to the event and I hope you too will have a great time bonding with your families and have a wonderful and fruitful time in this blessed month.



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