Fairprice Walk 2017

Yesterday morning, we went out of the house at 6.45 am to go to Marina Barrage. Our aim? To join with the rest of the crowds….. walking to keep fit and giving support for community causes.

View of the barrage at 8 am

Yesterday….. we celebrated the Fairprice Walk 2017!

Upon reaching the Barrage, the walk had just started and so without delay, we continued walking towards the bridge ….. towards the walking crowd…… all the way to the Sports Hub, the final end point.

Our starting point

As we walked, we enjoyed the beauty of the surrounding area.

View of the city from where we walk

Before reaching the 2 km marked, we even saw an otter near the bank. So cute! 😊

Our special guest appearance … Mr Otter!

Along the way, mineral water, breads, 100 Plus, bananas, milo and many more were given out free to us. Not only that but there were cultural performances as well 👍

Milo … Milo … Milo!


I love seeing the sights as we walked. All in all we covered 4 km …. and by the time we reached home it was past 11 am. As my eldest daughter said, “Not bad for a morning activity.” 😊

Yeah!!! Finish line …. we are done!

It rained for awhile … as we walked onto the bridge to the stadium

The joy of walking and exercising together 🙂

Insya’Allah we shall participate and look forward to next year’s event.

Thank You to all the organisers and volunteers 😊


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