20 wishes

Recently, I read a book about a middle aged woman, a widow and childless. The woman was lonely and still grieving since the husband had died less than a year ago. She joined a widow’s club and during one of their meet up sessions, they each agreed to come up with a 20 wishes list of things to do.

After reading this book, the 20 wishes list makes me think of my own list of things to do … things that I wish I could do. Should I really list these down and make it a goal to achieve? Should I?

Perhaps I can start small … maybe just listing 5 things to do instead of 20.

Yah! Maybe that will works for me πŸ™‚

So ok maybe I should start listing my 5 wish list to do now.

Ok what do I want to do … really really wish I could do? hmm here goes…

1. To buy a new oven
2. To relearn cross-stitch
3. To travel to 3 new countries/states that I have never been within the next 5 years
4. To do more volunteering works
5. To join a baking class

Ok done … let’s see how many I could achieve by end of this year and I will visit this list again and checked them out.

Thank you 20 wishes for making me think and start out this list πŸ˜‰


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