I had a recent order to make 35 pieces of ribbon brooch last week. The brooches are to be given as gift for the 35 girls from the local orphanage.

All ready!

Alhamdulillah, within 2 days I was able to complete them and to make the gift more memorable, I had added on 2 smaller brooches made from buttons. All the 3 brooches are pack individually and I hope the girls will like them 🙂

A closer look …

The act of giving is the most pleasurable any human can make. It does not have to be expensive nor difficult. Even a smile is a gift …. even a 5 cents gift is a gift …. what’s important is the thought behind the act. I hope the orphans children will enjoy their time during the Maulid celebration later in April. My du’a for the volunteers …. that all those who contribute to the success of this event, receive blessings and barakah from the One. Insya’Allah!

Its the month of Rejab now …. soon it will be Syaaban and then the most awaited month, Ramadhan will arrive.

May Allah s.w.t. make ease for us all during these 3 blessed months. Aamiin…


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