March 2017

Today … I just realise how I have not been visiting my blogs for quite sometime.

So while waiting to get ready to go to work I thought perhaps I can just do a quick updates.

March and April gonna be another busy time for me. Few things to accomplish at work and home. I love being busy and though I can’t deny the stress that always follows with the situation, I still love it! 🙂

The brooch project 2017 is almost done. Left only 20 pieces more and then it COMPLETE!!!!! Yeay!!! 🙂

My maknae is off for a three days camp trip today. As a student leader, she and her committee members has been busy planning, recceing and executing the schedules for the camp. I hope everything goes well and the students thoroughly enjoy themselves 🙂

Yesterday, I spent almost 20 mins looking through photos in the albums. It is actually my habit to do this every now and then. Love looking through the old photos, especially the photos of the kids when they were young. I still miss my little nephew Hadi and my parents. May their souls rest in peace. Aaamiin.

My eldest has just finished with her exam, so now she’s on holiday till April. She has already plan her holiday schedule 😉

As for my middle child, she’s now busy doing her school project. Looks like everyone has a task to do and accomplish this month.

As for me, I am putting on weight again huhu …. no change in size for clothing though but I simply just hate to see the increase in my weight.  My colleague said it could be due to my muscle and I was like uh huh! hahahaha…. It’s really a struggle to maintain or even lose further since I just love eating hahahaa…. I still do my exercise but I’m guilty to say that for many months now the exercise has not been so regular.  I really think having an exercise buddy would helps a lot but it’s rather difficult to find one.  Excuses excuses right? The fact is the lack of discipline in myself hehehe 😉

My house is now very messy …. really messy and so I thought since there’s a term break from school this month, I will try to mobilise my kids to help do an early spring cleaning. I hope by doing so by the time Ramadhan comes, the house will be ready to welcome the bless month. It’s less than 90 days more to go.

This year the Eid celebration will be as last year. Minimal preparation and visitation.  I am not into all these anymore, rather spend more time in my own company I suppose.  I find more comfortable in doing so and I do not go out of my way to socialise any more. The number of chats in whatsapp have also reduced until in a day I need only check once or twice …. sometimes more but even then it’s more to chat with my girls.  I’m finding peace in doing so …. the less you know about others, the more at peace you feel.

Even with my own sisters, I do not seek interaction unless it’s necessary.  Most time, they are the ones who made contact with me first, especially my eldest sister in Brunei. She will call personally via my home phone or use the call in watsapp.  Sometimes, she will even have video call with me 🙂

I have this scenario in my mind that when or if I reach the golden age of 70 or more, I will become a recluse hahaha… I suppose I am ok with it, as long as I have my books and laptop with me 😉

There are also a few changes I want to do in my life, but these will have to depend on various factors … hmm will have to see if what I have in mind is also decreed by the Almighty. Insya’Allah …





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