Sometimes I can’t believe my girls are now moving on to the young adult stage instead of being teenagers.

There are times, I will just sit and observe them …. see the physical changes as well as the emotional changes in them.

This January, my second girl turns sweet 17. Since it falls near the CNY period, we had a family get together and celebrated her birthday on the same day.

Our feast! Yumss….

Our loveable maknae enjoying the birthday cake … so cute hehee…

This morning, I accompanied my eldest girl to her medical appointment and  after the appointment, my eldest girl gave me a treat at SG….. ooh! my favourite eatery place 😊

Thank you so much NH!

BBQ time!

Now, right this minute in fact, as I am typing, my eldest girl is in her room, practising her presentation script. Tomorrow is the D-day and so she is practising hard since the POM is a difficult subject to score.

May the Almighty bestow success on the team’s effort. Aamiin….

Looking at her …. I was brought back to the past …. its like right in front of my eyes, like a movie, I could see her as a little girl with chubby cheeks and curly hair and see the years passes by till my vision of her now 🙂

I can tell you that my heart just skipped a beat just now and I knew I had to write this down … which is why I am typing away at this blog.

How my girls have grown!

As for my youngest, she is now lying down on her tummy near me …. studying for her science test. I marvel at the youngsters these days …. studying while listening to music uh huh! …. I can’t see myself doing that cos when I study I need a place that is quiet 😉

The second girl is in her room doing her own stufff as well.

Moments like these …. being able to be with them are so precious to me. These are the moments that warm the heart 🙂




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