The start of a new year..

Alhamdulillah…still breathing and able-bodied to go on with this life.

The start of 2017 has been good. Weather has been cool wth frequent showers of rain especially in the evening.

The second day of 2017, our abode received guests from Selangor… it was a joy to be able to see hubby’s aunt and cousins again 🙂

They lost their way while driving to our house. Finally, reaching us at around 8.30 pm. In a way, I considered it as a blessing cos my husband was able to meet them then. If they had reached earlier, he would have missed meeting them.

Hubby and his Mak Bam

We also had another guest, my MIL staying overnight that weekend. I was kind of surprise that she agreed to pay us a visit and sleep over at our house. All these years she had always declined to do so, even to the extreme of creating negative situations. Anyway, I’m just hoping there’s no negative outcome out of the recent visit. Hubby was worried but I hope it did went ok 😉

He knows I can be brutally frank when provoked and so not wanting him to worry, my kids and I, we keep ourselves to the minimalist in our verbal communication.


Group foto before saying goodbye to the guests

I went to fetch her cos initially she told me she wanted to learn how to go to our house via public transport. So I told her no problem I can show her the way But when I came by, I was told by my bil that she could not even board a bus. He offered to call a cab and so I agreed. Frankly, I could not understand why she said what she say to me on the phone. So I did told her nicely while in the cab that in future do tell the truth next time. Being truthful would eliminate unnecessary miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Well, all in all, I hope she felt comfortable while at our house.

The first week of January, school re-opens and today, my maknae went off to be a camp counsellor to the secondary one students. Insya’Allah, she will be back on Friday.  Then, next Monday, the two eldest girls will start their term at their respective schools.

So its back to routine schedule until CNY, cos then we will be off for a short family staycation with the rest of the extended M’s family… Looking forward to all the good foods and bonding time, can’t wait! 🙂



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