November happenings 

A few things to record down for this year’s November.

1. First and foremost … I would like to say that finally the waiting is over for the P’sixes. May all of you passed with flying colours. Take heart that you all have done your best and now its time to reap the rewards! Congratulations kiddos! 😘

Should the opposite scenario happened, do not be sad but look forward to strive again. There’s more to life than the classroom and grades. Embrace life for in the stories of success and failures, there are blessings and lessons that we all can learn and derive.

2. This November also marked a new timeline for me. Alhamdulillah this year marked my 25 years of service, working in the educational sector. Yesterday, at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, along with 300 plus staff from various educational sectors, we were all awarded long service awards. A number of staff were awarded the Efficiency and Commendation Medals. Congratulations everyone! 😊

3. Earlier in the mid of November, I used up my last quota to visit the Zoo. Initially I wanted to go with my SIL and the nieces but it was not to be when no date was proposed after sometime. So I went ahead with just my 2nd daughter as company. The weather was good that day and we had a lovely time exploring the River Safari as it was not crowded at that time…. yet! hehee
My most enjoyable time was spent looking at Kai Kai the Panda. His posings was sooo cute 😍

4. This year’s November also a time of trial for me … but this I shall not expand cos I wish to just forget and move forward.

Musings alone in my thoughts…. I hope the year 2016 will end well for all of us and 2017 will start in a positive ways. 



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