RE … of everything

The dust is settling even though it is still cloudy …. the future looks to be unsettling what with the recent going-on all over the world.

It makes me ponder and think ….. and I have come to a conclusion that all of us are in the re … of everything. A situation that calls us to Re-learn and keep Re-learning.

As we grow older … we have to continue to re-learn what has been taught to us … be it knowledge from school or from life’s university. Re-learn to align our choices, our perceptions, our perspectives, our way of actions, way of thinking, way of accepting, way of interacting etc.

We have to keep re .. of everything in order to keep up with the changes in our lives and happenings around the world.

I am no longer the person I was 40 years ago, nor the same person I was 30 years ago, nor the same person I was 20 or 10 years ago. Each day I am learning and re-learning … thus each year there are changes to me …. not just physically but mentally and spiritually.

So embrace the changes and all the re-learning process that comes through our way. Re-learn but re-learn wisely …. do not be hasty to change. Change only if we believe its good and meaningful and change only if our personal GPS convince us that it’s the correct thing to do.


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