Between projects

It’s becoming a habit for me to keep myself busy … I feel lost when I’m being idle. So now I’m keeping myself busy between projects.

The green project aka as my hydroponic tomato plant is doing well … so far so good. Alhamdulillah, the plants are growing well 🙂

The 4 pots of tomato plants

close up

The other project is about doing a bit of social enterprise…. a mini one and I have the sisters aka my generous heart customers to thank for making it happen.  Jazakallahu khairan….. May Allah swt reward each and everyone of you with multiple rewards. Aamiin 3x

mini buttons brooches 🙂

These two projects will be keeping me busy for sometime till its time for the family vacation. Till then I shall do my best in the projects. Insya’Allah!



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