Hydroponics – An attempt

About more than a month ago … I started to experiment with hydroponics. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using water that has been mixed with mineral nutrient solutions.


The hydroponic kit that I bought from the flea market

I chose the tomato plant for a start. At first, the first batch of seeds I tried turns out well but seems to be stunted in growth and took a long time for the “true leaves” to appear … in fact the “true leaves” did not last long at all. I had to abandon them and re-start the whole process with a second batch.


The first batch … it was not successful and so had to be abandon after one by one died on me 😦

I re-used the same foams to start on the second batch. I just cleared the previous roots out of them and then plant new tomato seeds in them. This time, I decided not to cover the container after the seedlings had sprouted.  I noticed that by doing so, the leaves are bigger and stems are stronger.


Can you see the “true leaves”? They are now sprouting nicely 🙂 Photo of the 1st pot 🙂

Alhamdulillah … the second batch turns out way better. Within less than 3 weeks, I could see the “true leaves” and they are till now looking healthy .. phew!!!!


This is taken from the 2nd pot 🙂

I just hope they will continue to be healthy and to keep growing. Really hoping these plants will grow well and bear fruits in the near future.

These baby tomato plants are now my “babies” hehee… every evening when I reached home, I will check on them. Change the waters, ensure the nutrients solutions are added and ensure they have their “light and dark” moments. Tomato plants require a few hours of darkness to assist them to grow well … well, that theory was what I read from the Net. So far so good … so going to keep taking care and monitoring them. Gardening, whether outdoor or indoor, is a kind of relaxation. I don’t consider myself as having green fingers, but I do not like giving up when I’m unto something and so I shall keep trying till I am satisfied with my effort. Trying to be an amateur gardener has given me a very interesting learning journey.  Truly worth it!




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