Pride and Proud

Between pride and proud …. there’s a difference and there’s also a similarity.

A person can take pride and/or feel proud … its neither wrong nor a sin to feel these emotions but the difference is the effect or outcome/impact of such feelings on ourselves and others around us … THAT makes the difference in defining whether it’s good or bad.

“Sigh!!”…..Another attack on my integrity and character @ my workplace …. I’m speechless cos the person putting words into my mouth can still look at me innocently!

A rather coward way to attack on a person …. accusing behind my back and keeping quiet when comes face-to-face with me.

I’m not going to fight nor proof my innocence …. time will tell the rights and wrongs and the patience will be rewarded, insya’Allah!

I will take this as part of my life’s trials and tribulations.

Rabbi Yassir wala tu’assir. Rabbi tham mim bil hayr.



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