Jalan-jalan raya

Last weekend our family spent the whole of Saturday visiting our relatives and on Sunday, it was our turn to be the host.

Saturday, the start of the day did not go so well as the bus operator did not provide us with a bigger bas as we had requested. But once the logistic matters were settled, we were able to go ahead with our plans though we had to miss a few houses. All in all it did go rather well.

@ our Mak Ngah and cousin Jai’s abode

We managed to visit all of our aunts  … the few that are still around. It was sooo good to see them again. Good and yet at the same time I feel sad looking at how much they have aged, but visiting them brought the feelings of being close to my late parents and that I was so grateful to feel that. In fact, one of my aunt even mentioned to me that a few days before the Eid, she had a dream of my late parents ….. (hanya Tuhan saja yang tahu perasaan ku bila mendengar) … I missed them so! 😦

Sunday, I was up and about very early preparing the house and preparing foods for the guests that were coming.

The first guests came after 1 pm and from then onwards it was like a pattern … a cycle whereby one family came in and the moment they left, another appeared … and so it repeated itself non-stop till night. Our last guests left our house after 10 pm 🙂

A portion of our guests …

Among the guests that came visiting, the visit from my husband’s niece and nephew together with their spouse and children made my girls day … they proclaimed that these cousins “are the best!” …. My girls thoroughly enjoyed chit chatting with their second cousins Firdaus and Yati. Their children were cute and lovely 🙂

I was happy too that they came visiting as we had not seen them for many years.  We used to at least met while visiting “Mak Chom” but over the years we seemed to have missed each other (cos the timing differed).

Glad that we were able to keep in touch finally and I hope this won’t be their first and last visit to us … I told them frankly that I do not visit to many places during the Eid and so hope they won’t be offended should I do not pay back their visitation. I also told them that they are always welcome to come by … in fact I am most happy to receive visitors than to be a visitor hehehe… was glad to receive their understanding and positive response 😉

Now, its back to work and almost routine days.

For me, the celebration of Eid is over! 🙂




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