Syawal 2016

Eid Mubarak everyone!

Even in the midst of this joyful event we keep hearing shocking and bad news around the world and yet I hope we will all continue to pray and hope for the best… For the whole of the ummah.

It’s the 2nd day of Eid and I was able to go along with my sisters to the graveyard… When we reached the site, it was raining. I love it! 😊

Hubby did not go due to his injured toes. Tomorrow I will have to bring him to the polyclinic. In fact, due to this we had to cut short our Eid visitation yesterday, faster than we expected.

Today, my 2nd daughter had a severe stomachache and had to go see the doctor. She was given 2 days mc. Luckily she received a message from her teacher regarding the postponement of her class test. Phew!!!

Next….We are all looking forward to this coming Saturday outing…. Can’t wait to see my aunts and uncles 😊

My reflection for the beginning of this year Syawal…. hmm..

It’s better late than never … Though forgiveness had already been given long time ago even before it was uttered.

It’s preferable to accept what was given at face value than spending time pondering what was hidden…

Never forget the lessons learned from the past…. Be aware and beware!

Take ownership of my own deeds and do no harm to others…

Remember to ask for forgiveness with immediate effect and not wait till Eid arrives…. For death awaits no man…. 

Culture can be change …. All it takes are perseverance and time!




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