Nostalgia Ramadhan 3

A long long time ago, during the 1970’s and 1980’s, it was a practice to send Hari Raya cards to friends and family members. I used to receive at least 5 cards each year and will saved money from my school pocket money so that I could purchased cards and send to others as well. Best part of it was that even my very close neighbour would send Hari Raya cards to me via the post hehee… and we were just next door 😉

I still remember how I would recycled the cards to be used as decor pieces around the house 🙂

But now, ever since technology has become advance …. the hard copy cards has been replaced with e-cards …. and even though e-cards are beautiful, interactive and even save the environment, somehow it lack a certain personality.

I believe it’s the process of saving money, of going round to different stalls to look at the variety of cards available and finally choosing those we wanted. It’s the effort and pleasure derived from thinking of what to write and sending to those whom we held close to our bosom. I believe that’s what makes it special at that time.

This year, I am tempted to start sending these Raya cards to a few of my friends, especially those that I hardly see around anymore but it’s not easy finding Raya cards these days … the other alternative would be to make a DIY ones.

hmmm … time constraint on my part right now but perhaps I could do so next year, insya’Allah.

Right a new project to start next year hahaha… loving just thinking of it 🙂


PS: Another colleague leaving soon … it’s sad to say farewell and so I shall not! It will be au revoir instead. All the best on your new journey Shao Mun!


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