Nostalgia Ramadhan 2

When I was wayyyy younger …. the test from fasting was hunger and feeling sleepy. But I was fortunate that while my mother was alive, she did all the cooking and serving for us … she woked us up for sahur and its all ready on the floor (we used to sit on the kitchen floor to eat as a family then). I hardly do anything to help and my mother had never asked us to and we definitely took her for granted.

After marriage and being a mother myself …. it was my turn to do the tasks above and it was then that I began to appreciate my mother’s effort and realised how much she had sacrificed for us all. No word of complaint were ever uttered by her.

For many years now, my biggest test during the fasting month was the lack of sleep. Alhamdulillah, hunger and thirst were not an issue with me. BUT the lack of sleep was and still is my biggest trial and test.

As a working wife/mother …. waking up at 4 am daily and no naps in between really sap me out. After serving my family their sahur, I will be doing cooking for the family’s iftar …. preparation for the cooking was usually done during the night (eg. blending spices, getting fish/poultry ready beforehand). So I’m kept busy till its time to get ready for work.

After work, its rush time to reach home to heat up the foods and serve them for the iftar. Luckily my kids do help out whenever they were able to …. in matters such as cooking the rice and making the hot drinks. Still ultimately the bigger bulk of the tasks falls on me.

So far so good …. till today, I have managed to get ready home-cooked foods for iftar and sahur but I can predict that sooner or later this task will reduce in numbers and I will succumb to buying foods instead …. why? cos my energy level is getting lower and lower. Truly marvel at how those who had no food to eat daily throughout the year survive. Subhanallah!

For me, ever since I gave birth to my youngest daughter which was 14 years ago, I have been eating only once a day during the fasting month. I skipped eating during sahur (will just have a glass of water). All thanks to the fact that I will vomit if I brush my teeth right after eating. Till today I could not get rid of this habit 😦

At times, how I wish I have lots and lots of days in annual leave …. I could then took many days off so that I could afford to have time to have naps during the day …. well that’s just wishful thinking hehehe…

Still, I have many to thank the Almightly for …. just the fact that I am given health and ability to perform the tasks (may not be perfect and my kids may not be eating home-cooked foods all the time), are things to be thankful for indeed!

So aja aja fighting!!!! …. it’s the ninth day of fasting already …. May Allah continue to make ease for each and everyone of us and bestow His blessings on all of His creations! Aamiin…



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