Nostalgia Ramadhan

During my childhood days and early teens, during Ramadhan, it was a practice of my late mum to always cook extra foods. She will then asked either my 3rd sister or myself to become her courier.

Our block of flats had about more than 10 neighbours per storey. My mum would only give to the nearest neighbours which were the few on the left and right to our home. Regardless whether the neighbours were muslim or non-muslim, we would gave them at least a bowl of whatever dish my mum cooked.

In return, the muslim neighbours would also gave us whatever extra dish they cooked and so almost every night, before the breaking time for our fasting, we would have almost a full table … full of variety of foods. Sharing as a sign for caring and it brought lots of joy to us (kids) during our childhood. To us, having such a full table were the best reward for completing our fast each day. Of course, we could not finished eating everything and my mum would always saved the balance for sahur.

Nowadays, such scenario is lacking due to the fact that we hardly see and know our neighbours. Most families are now dual-income and so neighbours hardly have time to see one another and chat to build relationships.

I missed those times. I could always depend on my neighbours for any assistance and vice versa.

Such a pity my kids are not able to experience such moments.



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