Kanzashi Flower Brooch 3

Looks like the “demam buat brooch” = brooch fever is still burning brightly in me cos I did spend a few hours making more of it and was even able to do two more new designs. I feel sooo happy 😄

Below are pictures of the 2 new designs I made.  The first one I called them “double pointed petals”. This is a much simple method which involved using 2 cm width ribbon and folding method.

and the second one (below), is another pointed petal but using the Kanzashi method.

One of my happiest moments, was to be able to complete the recent order for the Kanzashi brooch.  Total of 9 brooches were made with various colours.  It was a delight and relief to hear the buyer happy with them 🙂

When I started learning to make these brooches, I never had any intention to sell them but the idea and encouragement came from fellow friends and family members …. so these days, I do make a sale but only upon request by interested buyers.

Alhamdulillah … the sale has been numerous… enough to allow me to roll back the money to purchase more materials and earned a bit of profit as well.

Here are a few of the colours and designs I made for a recent order.


Also, I have a very very advance requests for these brooches hahaha…. for next year in Dec 🙂

Insya’Allah … God’s will if I should still be alive during that period of time, it would give me the greatest pleasure to fulfill that request 🙂



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