Threads of the mind

Ahh … Labour Day! …. A public holiday which I had looked forward to cos it meants that tomorrow will be a no-working day too! 🙂

Happy Labour Day Peeps! ….

I’m sitting in front of the pc and decided to type away the thoughts in my mind while waiting for my youngest girl to be ready to go out for her part-time job … yeah! she had just recently started doing this part-time job …. in fact she did it only yesterday and today will be her second time. Yesterday was at Jurong and today will be at Woodlands. My youngest girl, 14, had discussed with me and asked for my opinion and approval before she started ….I don’t see why she could not try to do it since I am confident that she could do it well. I take it as a way for her to gain experience on life … a way to appreciate how effort is needed to earn money … a way to learn to serve others and hopefully along the way will teach her maturity.

It’s a part-time job which I told her she could only do it on Saturdays or like this instance even Sunday provided the next day is not a school day. Another rule, is that it must not affect her studies of course!

I know this week and the next is exam period but I still let her go ahead and do the part-time job cos she convince me that she will manage her time to do her revision. I shall see how it goes …. like flying the kite, I’m letting the string go a bit more this time and depending on the kite itself, I will gauge whether I have to pull it back if needed. So far the youngest has shown me she is capable of studying and managing her school works. So hopefully she will do as good if not better for her mid-year exam.

Talking about yesterday … we attended the wedding of my husband’s niece at Mamanda Restaurant. The place is small and air-conditioned. Foodwise, normal Malay dishes, nothing extraordinary but they were tasty. I was told it cost $58 per pax …. definitely expensive but I suppose the cost is due to the venue and nothing to do with the food or service.

The happy couple were lovely …. both pretty and handsome, like the Malay sayings “bagai pinang di belah dua” 🙂

My husband and I reached the Masjid Sultan area around 12.05 and as we walked towards Mamanda, we came across his cousin (the bride’s mother), my MIL, SILs and BILs. We walked over together to the restaurant. I did not speak a lot … rather prefer to keep quiet to myself… I only spoke when I was spoken to and at times a bit of chat with my MIL since she was seated next to me.

Surprisingly it was my 3rd BIL and SIL who made the most effort to talk to me …. with my 2nd BIL and SIL hardly any words were spoken between us. I see nothing wrong there cos speaking for myself, I simply have nothing to say. I do not see the need to be chatty or make the effort for small talks cos I am now a person who do not prefer to show my social skills just for the sake of it. Actually I am just being my “introvert” self in this case. Rather be quiet and be myself than going all out to be chatty and pretentious of what I really am. Besides, there’s no love lost between any of us. I have learnt my lessons well I believe.

Also, yesterday I enjoyed my husband attentiveness to me …. throughout the whole day even though he was not feeling too well, he continued to make effort to be attentive to me, which was rather rare but nevertheless it’s a gesture that I appreciated a lot …. coming from him hehehe 😉

After the wedding, both of us proceed to JP to meet our two oldest girls. We had our date together watching “Captain America: Civil wars”. Ahhh…. this movie was worth watching, I simple love the characters in Avengers. In fact, I am a sucker for anything superheroes and fantasy movies. The Lord of the Rings series were one of my all time favourites 🙂

But after the movie, something happened to spoil my mood. I came home unhappy but not going to expand on that cos its too private and I have decided to let it go …. such is life … there will always be moments of ups and downs. Have to think of my health and so not going to spend time on those down moments.

Today, I shall divide my time in and out between places. Looks like I have to postpone my visit to my aunt again. Perhaps tomorrow? … hmm…



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