Kanzashi Flower Brooch 2

The new order for the ribbon supplies is on the way … Can’t wait to play around with more colours 😉

I find it very therapeutic to do these ribbon brooches…. It calms my mind and seeing the end product brings a kind of satisfaction …  kind of reaching a sense of self-achievement.

Anyway, a few days ago I tried my hand at making a new Kanzashi petals….

Here are the few I’ve made 😉

The petals above are slightly more rounded . Below is a comparison of the different Kanzashi petals I’ve done so far.

With the new supplies of ribbon coming in soon … I’ll be able to do more with different colours and patterns.  I did try a rose bud once … had to try out twice before I got it right and I find that doing the rose pattern is more difficult and challenging.  Definitely going to try my hand at it again … but not so soon cos I know that I need to be in good health to do the roses …. doing the roses tax my mind instead of calming me down hehehe …  I suppose I found my own nemesis in the roses hihi 😛

These brooches are simply fantastic as a gift …. Recently, I gave two and placed them in a very nice box as a birthday gift for my RO.  She loved them! 🙂

The brooches can both be worn as a pin for headscarf and also as an adornment while wearing a jacket or formal dress.

I simply love them 🙂


4 thoughts on “Kanzashi Flower Brooch 2

  1. I went out yesterday and wore your brooch!I love love love it!I havent started my project..lepas exam nanti nak try.Yey..buttons on the way!Busu..do you have to use lighter to burn the edges for kanzashi petals?

    • I’m glad you like it Sri 🙂
      and yes for the ribbon, you have to burn the edges with a lighter … kalo tak nanti the ribbon will fray at the sides.
      Sri, go to youtube, type in ribbon flower and see the hows and tips given k … busu belajar dari youtube jer and if I can do it, you surely can my dear 😉
      Happy crafting soon *muahh*

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