Be still

I have a lot to say … but I know my fingers cannot be typing out everything that’s in my mind.

So here goes on some of what I could relay on my views on certain matters.

First, from my own previous experience, people are not really keen to know the truth …. they are only keen to “kepo” and spread or even add to the negative views. Also views depend a lot of which side of the fence you’re standing.

Second, even after telling or knowing the truth, would they acknowledge it? Most will not if they find it not to their advantages. Most will not do a U-turn to correct the wrong assumptions …. why? because one of the reasons, it has nothing to do with them and they don’t really care but they like and excited to share the limelight of spreading the negatives.

Third, most people are just interested in keeping themselves safe and to protect their own interest. Loyalty, love and humanity get lost when self-interest intervene.

Assumptions after assumptions … and when they come across people who do not share their views, they becomes angry and continue to attack further. What nonsense!!!

If you want to know the truth about a horse? Go and ask the horse itself … seek out the horse and have one-to-one conversation … why go around asking the cows, dogs, cats and many more ? … these are not the horse so how could they know the truth? If you can’t or do not have the opportunity to ask the source itself, then do yourself a favour … keep check on your own tongue, ears, fingers …. be kind to yourself and to the subject of concern …. do not assume, do not hear about the negatives, do not be easily be misled by opinions of others who do not know the truth from the source …. do not engage in forwarding messages, emails to others when the information are not confirm to be 100% truth.

I have been asked by many people regarding this certain issue … and I have told them not to assume, not to judge and not to spread the negatives. I’m beginning to sound like a broken record hahahaa…. saying the same things again and again.

Have faith in Allah’s plan for all of us …. be constant in our love for each other and even though I hardly know anything, I know my love and believe have not change at all… Insya’Allah!

May Allah s.w.t. grant us mercy and wisdom….for each of us are so lacking in so many ways. We are all travellers, we each have our own path to walk and ultimately its not the beginning but the end that defines us.



2 thoughts on “Be still

  1. I still regard her as more knowledgeable in many aspects than most of us.And…Allah Knows Best.We are people of not all knowing.Amazing how some can be so knowledgeable on another’s life journey n spiritual being after reading one or two abouts.May Allah swt guide us all in the true path n steadfast in humility n humanity.

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