Yesterday, I was thanking a close friend from my secondary school days for her beautiful gifts for me and my daughters. This friend of mine simply love to surprise us with gifts as and when she feels like it. No occasion or reason stated, she will just message me and within a few days, the gift will arrived at my door step.

I was touched by her generosity. Being on the receiving end is good and makes one feel happy but I believe the one who extend the hand of giving receives more happiness, insya’Allah!

Besides the gifts we received from her, I also received these wise words which I’m going to keep close to my heart. These beautiful gems were given to me via our chat.

“Kita buat apa yang baik yang Allah s.w.t. gerakkan hati kita.” (Rahma)

So in a nutshell, whatever good deeds we do or receive, it does not come from us but rather we are just the means that the Almighty has chosen to act on His behalf …. for ourselves and for others.

These are words that warms the ears and heart …. but more importantly it resonate with my life’s motto 🙂


PS: Tomorrow it’s the 4th DA. Al-fatihah!


2 thoughts on “Gift

    • Yes i too love her reminders …. Lovely lady that she is 😊
      and busu not really a giving person lah Sri … As the saying goes, we give cos He wants it dat way 😉

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