Kanzashi Flower Brooch

I tried out making the Kanzashi flower using the ribbons.  It’s not as easy as I thought. So the first few I made were definitely not perfect … and I’m not sure or have enough confident that the rest that I’ll be making will turn out better … but I shall try … going to stay on believing that “practice makes perfect” … hehee 🙂

My sisters love these Kanzashi flower brooch though … as I do too! They appear more elegant that the other simple flower brooches that I’ve made.  I love the learning journey and effort … and my husband has been fully supportive of this hobby … he is always the first one to give encouraging praise at my effort.

The one pictured below was the first Kanzashi Dual Coloured I’ve made.  I have an order to fulfill for this one … insya’Allah will do so by end of next week.  I’ve already told the sister that ordered that it won’t be perfect but if she still wants it, I will do so.  She said she don’t mind and so will make one for her soon.

Yesterday night, I ventured to make another dual coloured Kanzashi brooch …. Green and Orange, my husband love it, saying that the colours are very striking and lovely 🙂

Then, using the same colours, I made another but this time, I alternate the colours instead.  Two of these brooches now belongs to my 3rd sister.  She had requested for them and with the completion of the orders, I was able to give to her early this morning.

I’m happy doing these hobby of mine … the process is a learning journey and calming to the mind and the pleasure I derived upon seeing the complete works are fulfilling, and it becomes much more when I see them being worn by other people.  Tremendous pleasure indeed! Alhamdulillah 🙂



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