Little incidences 

I received news of my grandniece just a while ago. She had a fall at the playground yesterday and now her arm is cast. She looks good despite the cast …. Smiley and cheery …. This cutie is definitely tough! 😄

and so I commented that looks like the Mahmood’s grandchildren are all tough …. My eldest sister then commented…. “Great-grandchild not grandchild” hahaa…. I should have said descendants;)

From fingers stuck inside the lift door, knocked by a lorry, falls, broken arms, broken legs, head stuck in between grill, head injury that required stitches and many more…. We all have gone through them …. The little incidences that life has thrown us. Alhamdulillah, somehow we all have survived them 😊

Elayna …. May you be given speedy recovery and keep that smile intact girl! ❤️


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