Pointed petals

It’s been sometime and now I have started on my ribbon craft again. This time I experimented making the pointed petals…. I simply love them πŸ˜„

Twice I had worn the ribbon brooch… The purple one to a wedding and the red one to work.

Making these ribbon brooches makes me smile 😊

Looking forward to trying out another pattern soon πŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “Pointed petals

  1. Sri Ismail says:

    Semua cantik cantik busu!Macam nak try lah.

  2. Sri Ismail says:

    dulu try pakai kain perca..n guna safety pin..obit kau but that time main2.Busu punya very pro..saleable!Where do you buy the pins busu..n fabric?

    • The Servant says:

      Busu beli online dari Taobao…. Its a Chinese online platform so slalu minta my colleague utk place order. Nanti busu send the links to you via email k … Take a look and see which you prefers πŸ˜‰

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