Random thoughts

Once in a while I do love being pampered …. someone to order food for me … someone to hold my hand … someone to hug me … and today I had all these done to me and I love it! It’s truly nice to be on the receiving end once in a while ….

Today … a surprised question was posed to me … “do you want another child?” …. hahahaa I was shocked and luckily I had stopped eating when the question was posed …. hehee

Another child? I would love to have another one …. but reality knocks … at my age, situation and stamina? It’s just a no no to me …. but I would not mind fostering a baby who needs shelter though … 🙂

Yesterday, I received a most wonderful gift from my twin … 🙂

Simply love the art piece she made …. it’s just her … the colours and the beauty of it ❤




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