Chloe and us!

Last Sunday, I had a “good” shocked, no thanks to Chloe the Cat!

I had just came back from the supermarket, was standing at my door waiting for one of my girl to open the gate when suddenly my youngest girl commented, “Ibu, there’s a cat behind you!” ….

Ahah! makcik terperancat besau! …. Got frightened just hearing that sentence, I quickly told my girl, “Open the gate quick!”. Without wasting a second, I slipped through the gate, closed it quickly and just in time, because, our dear Chloe was truly right behind me, meowing so gently at us. I could not help smiling at her even though truly I am scared of cats even one as gentle as Chloe hehee…

I had no idea when this dear cat follow me … there was no indication either via movement or sound. She persisted in waiting in front of the gate, until I told my girls to lure her down and away from our house. The girls were happy to do so as they simply adore cats. They played with Chloe outside the house for a time before assisting her down to the ground floor.

Frankly, I have a soft spot for Chloe but I am still not in favour of her being too close to me for comfort hahaha…. hmm .. I suppose its love from afar for me to her 😛

Then, last evening, Chloe paid us another visit while we were eating our dinner. This time, my eldest daughter, quickly stopped eating and brought some water for Chloe. The girls spent sometime petting and cuddling her. Finally, Chloe was contented to just lie down in front of the lift landing.

Dear Chloe, I supposed from time to time you just want some attention and cuddling from us human don’t you girl? 🙂

Fair enough, we like you too but err … please when it comes to me, ehem … I hope you just stay a bit far can? I think my girls would be more than sufficient as companion to you 😉



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