Ribbon Flower Brooch

Finally! Phew! Well almost … 😉

Just another 25 pieces more and I will be able to declare “I’m done!”

I had my doubts at first of completing the order for 150 pieces of Ribbon flower brooches but Alhamdulillah, looks like I am able to do so and within a month…. Which is faster than I estimated at first.

The whole process is a learning journey… As I went about doing the brooches, I learn to adjust to methods that suit me most and though I suffered a lot from needle pricks and “ouch” moments (no thanks to the hot glue) … It was still all very satisfying to view the end products 😊

The brooches are definitely not 100% perfect but I think for an amateur like me … it will do!  😉

the different colours of the flower brooches

Once this batch is done … I’m taking a short break until my next order of supplies reach me. The next supplies will have many more colours for the ribbons and so will allow me to “play” around with different colour combination and try my hand at new designs for the flower petals.

For this order alone, almost 96% of the ribbons were used up. Besides the 150 pieces, I was also able to come up with another 20 pieces and thus fulfill my friend’s order which she wanted before March for her trip to Umrah with her sisters.

For other orders, I’m sorry to say but it will have to wait till my supplies reach me.  Hopefully by early March I will have them.

In the meantime, I think I will enjoy my break hehehe! 🙂


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