Molar oh Molar!

The visit to the dentist was very eventful …. never thought it would become a “big” thing!

At first it was the upper molar that hurts and so the next day (28th Jan) I went to the dentist near my house. The young doctor checked and could not find what’s wrong with it and I ended up cleaning my whole teeth… polishing and what nots.

Then two hours after I reached home …. by then it was almost 9.30 pm, the pain started again and this time it came like a crashed wave beginning at the lower molar. The whole night I could not sleep thanks to the pain … it was stressful and very very very painful!!!!

When it was time to go to work (29th Jan), I went but as I confided in my RO and colleagues regarding my pain, they advised me to seek dental treatment again. I obediently took urgent leave and call the dental again. I was in sooo much pain and I nearly could not stop from crying.

The second visit I was checked by another doctor and this time the doctor did a more thorough checked. She discovered that my upper has a cracked and my lower molar seemed to have a slight cracked to it too!

I was advised to do root canal procedure instead of extracting the molar tooth. I decided to go ahead since having the tooth extracted means difficulty in chewing and in the long run I might have to do denture. It’s not cheap doing the root canal … almost fainted looking at the price butย the need to release myself from the pain was more urgent.

I was referred to the specialist at Paragon on the same day and by 4 pm, I had my upper molar rooted out.

The specialist was very thorough …. he tested and isolated my pain to ensure he got the right problematic tooth. So it seemed that even though the pain was excruciatingly painful at the lower molar but the root caused was still from the upper molar. That was why the upper molar was rooted out but the specialist did say that the lower molar need to be looked at in future. I agreed with him but inside my heart I was praying it won’t be so soon caused after the payment for the root canal, all my savings are gone and I will need to start afresh just to standby for any future emergency needs ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Ahhh … it takes me months to save up and yet in the blink of an eye all was gone. Can’t say anything more except Alhamdulillah that I was able to pay for the treatment and cured of my pain.

A BIG thank you to my colleagues for helping to cover my duties at work, my RO was being so caring and my eldest daughter for accompanying me to the specialist. My eldest accompanied me without complained even though she had to cancel on her outing with her friends. I’m blessed ….

Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb!

A much much BIG Thank You to YOU ….for making things go smoothly for me.


PS: Now I’m still a bit scared so avoiding eating hard to chew foods and did not eat much and I think because of this I was able to shed 3 kg within 3 days … loving that part but not sure how long I can keep this weight lost hehee .. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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