A weak week

Yeah, this week is my weakest week ever. Starting from last Saturday when I had my sore throat and then full blown flu a few days later.

Today, I’m back to work after a 2-days MC. Not yet fully recovered but Alhamdulillah much better!

Due to my falling sick, I was not able to visit the MIL when she was hospitalised over the weekends. Did managed to see her though on Monday when I took parent care leave to assist in her discharged but upon reaching the ward, I was told that the main doctor changed her discharged date due to unsatisfactory results in her blood tests.

I supposed being in the hospital did not help my condition cos by the time I reached home, my body has acted out again. The next day I had no choice but to visit the doctor and was given 2 days MC.

It’s the season I supposed since many of my colleagues and family members are down with flu.

On top of that, last night I had pain in my upper molar tooth and so tonight after work, I will be off to the dentist hu hu 😦

I really really dislike going to the dentist …. am just going to pray and hope that it’s not serious. Going to the dentist is not just about discomfort but also about burning big holes in my wallet *sigh*

A weak week it is for me …


2 thoughts on “A weak week

  1. Salam Busu.Allahu yashfik dear.Hope you feel far better than before.Ya you shouldnt go to places like hospital when youre sick dear but that has passed n hope you will get enough rest at home despite no more mc.Stay calm at the dentist k..in syaa Allah for the pain to go away sake.

    • Salaam Sri …. Tenkiu for the doa 😉
      Tu lah ingatkan yg hari Isnin dah baik tapi skali kena lagi. Ni mmg harap yg jiwa ni tenang2 kat klinik ggi tu nanti … Paling tak suka gi situ hehee

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