DIY – Head band and covered snap clips

After playing around with a few ribbon designs for the hair clips and hair bands, I’ve moved on to trying my hand at designing head bands and covered snap clips.

Below are the two designs I’ve just made for the head bands:


And here’s the covered snap clips. The blue one was made by my youngest daughter 😉

I’m really enjoying myself doing these… No idea how long this interest will last but I’m going to enjoy the process and the feelings of satisfaction I feel upon seeing the end results 🙂

Next, going to try my hand at making DIY brooch.




2 thoughts on “DIY – Head band and covered snap clips

    • Tenkiu Sri 😉
      Hepi just playing around with the colours and designs hehee
      Materials busu beli dari Taobao … Sri kalo nak busu leh tolong order kan k ..
      semua complete tau … ada glue gun, ribbons, accessories etc.
      Ni tengah kemaruk … jadi selagi mood ada busu teruskan lah hehee…
      nak cuba juga buat brooch … insya’Allah 😉

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