Of heat and “me” time …

The past few days the weather has been hot and humid. I was sweating even just lazing around the house. I am not complaining … just lamenting about it.

The good part about having a good sunny days … the clothes dried faster and its easier to move about especially during to and fro work and school.

Friday, 8th Jan, the juniors in the office went for a course on “Transform Your Working Relationships with Your Multi-generational Colleagues”. This course was held at Toa Payoh and conducted by Ms Susan King of the British Council.

It was good to be out of the office for a day …. a nice change from the routine and I have always love going to Toa Payoh …. one of the oldest estate and always bustling with life.

It was nice to forget about all the on-goings office politics and just bond with my colleagues.

It was nicer still to be able to eat at one of my favourite food court, the Fork & Spoon. Simply love the Thai Fried Kway Teow set. Yumms!!

Saturday and Sunday …. busy doing the house chores for awhile, but spent most of my time lazing on my bed while reading my books. Thanks to my PC for being sick, I was able to go back to my favourite pastime before there was PC in my life … that is reading. I used to read 4 books a day! So it felt good to be able to read like I used to.

Right enough of writing …. time to continue with my “me” time 😉


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