My gals – Saranghaeyo!

I’m missing my little “Afa” already, actually she’s not THAT little anymore, my maknae is the tallest among us now 🙂

Being a SL means she’s off to the school camp to assist looking after the Sec 1 students. So for 3 days 2 nights I won’t be seeing her. Miss her!

My maknae or rather youngest daughter has now become a full fledged teenager. Like her other sisters, she loves to simply chill in her room either watching/listening via her hp or reading her storybooks. She’s still immature in many ways but I am most thankful for that bit of immature part whereby she’s the only one that will still allow me to hug her whenever I want to.

*sigh* … I miss the times when my 3 girls were in their childhood stage. That’s the times when I could and would hugs and kisses them ever so often. That was also the times when they were most obedient and easy to teach. Now, it’s a total different scenario.

Everyone is changing …. even me, but one thing I hope will never change would be the bond between us.

Among the many interactions I had with my girls, I loved the times when all four of us sat together in the living room, chatting, teasing, bickering with one another. It’s either they bickered/laughed with each other or they ganged up against me hehee… 😉

Among the many things that worries me regarding them? … It’s their lack of focus on our religion. For an example, if during their younger days, they were the ones who initiate putting the hijab and even when they occasionally do not wish to but with a bit of reminder from me, they would do so …. but now as they grew older, the wanting becomes lesser and lesser …. it’s a sign of lack of faith I believe. A disconnect between them and the Creator. Everyone of us went through this I believe, the ebb and flow of faith within us. I know I had mine and am still going through this ebb and flow at times. As a human being and servant myself, I can’t do much except to keep advising, reminding and make lots of supplication for them.

My kids are not exceptionally good but neither are they bad. One of the things I’m most grateful for is that they are not the types to go wild. They had learn to know how to choose their friends wisely and I hope this will prevail throughout their lives.

I believe I am not the only parent going through this …. and I hope like the many parents out there, I will be one of those who will continue to have faith in our children and continue to be grateful for the past, present and especially the future that lies ahead.



2 thoughts on “My gals – Saranghaeyo!

  1. Da besar anak2 kita kan busu.My younger twin son pun kena orientation kan budak2 sec1 tahun ni sejak Monday.March baru ada camping mcm Wafa.Makin busy n more responsibilities ek.We just need to do our best n pray a lot.At this age they want to make their own choices more.In syaa Allah semoga Allah terus ilhamkan kita untuk didik anak2 semampu mana amiin.

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