BSPS mini meet …

It was short but to me very valuable…. I treasure the moment of being able to see and talk to them.

Who are these people? They are my primary school classmates 🙂

We have more in numbers but unfortunately the rest were not able to come. This time the meet up was arranged just for the ladies and I find it more comfortable … easier to chat and laugh, just us women 😉

We met at around 3 pm plus at Bedok Mall. We decided upon The Wing Stop and had pre-dinner over there. While we enjoyed the foods which was great, we enjoyed the chat more! Simply lovely to be able to talk and listen to each other. Totally agree with the sayings that women needs women around in their lives hehee…. Nothing beats having someone to talk to 🙂


The 6 different flavours of the chicken wings. Simply yummylicious!


The four of us …. 🙂

Thanks Mur, Iza and Zah for organising the meeting and sharing the fotos. It was lovely meeting you all.  Hoping more of the BSPS ladies will join us in future 🙂




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