N.H. – The journey continues …

Alhamdulillah! Thank You Ya Rabb! For the generosity and blessings you’ve bestowed upon us especially to my eldest daughter.

It’s the most wonderful news to me knowing that she has passed!

My eldest daughter’s reaction was lukewarm (I think she was dissappointed to a certain degree and perhaps knowing many of her friends are doing better than her) but to me knowing that she has passed was more important than meeting our individual expectations. I did hope for her to be able to enrol into the Polytechnic but it was not to be and I believe in Allah’s plans for us and so am very sure this is the best route for her.

She managed to achieve a GPA of 3.03 and is now eligible to move on to Higher Nitec. Looking at it positively, first, by continuing to H.N., she is still able to continue with her learning journey and second, gaining another certification to her name is a good thing when it’s time for her to go into the workforce, third, having a H. N. certificate, a student could possibly skip a year in the Polytechnic later.

ITE is known for training their students with good and relevant hands-on knowledge and so another year would be a bonus to her gaining more experience and knowledge. Jiayou N.H.!

I am proud of my eldest girl. She has shown that a person who has confident and commitment can “grow” in the academic world. All it takes are effort, perseverance and faith. Starting poorly in her primary school years did not pull her down. During her secondary school years, she bloomed and has shown great improvement till this day. She is very self-motivated and through hard works she has shown that she is capable when she puts her mind to it. More important she listens to the advise and suggestions by others who cares. She has foresight, maturity in thinking and resilient.

I received a positive remarks from her teacher early this morning via watsapp. Reading it made me happy and proud of her. It’s always good to be able to receive good reviews of your child from others. Alhamdulillah! All these are possible with Allah’s permission.

This is what her teacher wrote:
“She is a good student and I am sure she will do very well in her next schooling. If I may say, sometime it is good to take “baby steps” and surely will finish the race.”

Thank you Mr M. For believing in your students and guiding them. 🙂

So N.H., keep striving and keep motivating yourself. The sky the limit so fly as far as you can but do not forget the earth, stand firm on the ground as your hands reach for the sky …. for we all need both in order to have a balance life.

Everyone of us has our own path to walk to …. Stay focus, continue to work hard, stay humble, cultivate good social skills, increase your spiritual being and always give thanks to the Almighty. Fear and hope … remember, these are our wings while living on this earth and moving towards the hereafter.

May Allah s.w.t. bless you always my child.



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