The crows

If anyone ever told me that one day I will be having conversations with crows …I would most probably laugh just at the ridiculous thought … but these few days I can’t believe I did just that … and I just had another one-sided conversation with a crow … minutes ago at my kitchen window … oh my goodness!!! hahahaa…

I do not know when or how it happens but there seems to be more birds (crows, pigeons) in my housing estate the last few weeks. A few times the kids and I came across a few of the crows inside my kitchen and ransacking it for food … not to say “pooping” freely on the kitchen floor as well 😦

Tired of cleaning up and afraid they will contaminate our foods, I have make it a habit now to close the kitchen windows most of the times. Usually I only open them while in the kitchen doing my cooking cos I dislike having my whole house smell due to the cooking and since I’m inside the kitchen it’s easier to scare away the birds.

Just now while cooking, a few of them “pay a visit” …. comfortably perching on the window’s ledge. The moment they heard my voice shooing them, they flew away. After my cooking, as I enjoyed the breeze by the windows, I saw one of the crow and I end up conversing with it … again! LOLsss…

Somehow, as I spoke to it, I had the impression that it actually listened to me …. and once I finished talking it actually flew away …. amazing for the crow acted like it understood what I was telling it to do which was to fly away to better place to look for foods and shelter. Either that or it’s just my delusion hehee…

As I watched it flew away, I closed the windows, not taking a chance of any other birds to come into my kitchen. Sorry birds but food hygiene is very important to me. As Allah s.w.t has provided for my family so will He provide you with His generosity. Aamiinn…

Though you have irritated me these few weeks cos I had to do a lot of cleaning up and force me to close my windows most of the time … I find myself enjoying the one -sided conversation with you. Could not believe I would find small pleasure in it but I do …. so my winged neighbour, thank you but please do not visit too often alright! I would still prefer lots of distance between us ….. especially you and my kitchen! 😛



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